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back from my hm (long)

Hi ladies.  I'm back from my honeymoon after a tumultuous 36 hours trying to get home on Saturday.  We were booked on a 3:50pm flight from San Juan to PHL.  We paid a little cash to be bumped up to the 1:45pm flight, which took off at 3pm.  We were 10 miles from, and circling PHL when they told us they couldn't plow enough.  We headed to Charlotte, NC where USAir held our bags hostage and told us they'd be on "the next available flight to Philly".  My cell phone died and some very kind strangers lent us theirs where we booked a hotel room and a 10:20am flight for Sunday morning.

Our alarm didn't go off Sunday morning and when we got to the airport, this is what it looked like:


H managed to sweet talk a USAir manager in the first class line (we were flying coach) who bumped us to the front of the line where we got our boarding passes printed.  We couldn't go to a kiosk because they had added our flight and it wasn't "in the system", or so we were told.  Then we had to get in line at security which was also enormous.  A very nice woman H was talking to at check in shouted out that we had 20 minutes to make our flight and who would be kind enough to let us in front of them.  We jumped to the front of the line.

Our flight was then delayed by 40 minutes (which was good for us).  Then we sat on the tarmac for an extra 2 hours.  Once we got into Philly, we were in the baggage area for over an hour and a half.  We left with my dad and went back to their house for a few hours and went back down to try for our bags.  We ended up on Action News for 2 seconds, ha!, because we were in the baggage claim line for over 2 hours.  I now have very very limited clean undies until my baggage is returned.

Re: back from my hm (long)

  • Wow, well, welcome back!  Besides the travel woes, how was the HM? 
    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
  • Oh my gosh that sounds terrible!

    I hope you had a great time on your HM though, and that will be what you really remember after it's all over.

    My Boys

  • glad you are home safe - hope u had fun befor the airport trouble.

    I had a situation friday at the airport when picking up my brother, sil and neice. They came in on a flight from San Juan at 6:30, their luggage did not come out onto the carosoul until 9:15 - sucked and we couldn't leave and come back because the babies car seat was part of their checked luggage.

    I have no idea why this happened this was before the snow storm.

  • Other than our troubles, the hm was great!  Barbados was my favorite of all the islands we visited and I definitely want to go back to a resort there.

  • Holy crap!  That's quite a story!  I'm crossing my fingers for a speedy and safe return of your bags. 
  • wow. glad you had a good trip though! and at the very least it happened on the way home. 


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