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How did it go with the inspection??? What did your parents think of the house??? Hope everything went off without a hitch.

Congrats again!!!
Big Smile


  • Hey sorry for the delay, we actually stayed at the hotel with my parents since our AC has been broken since April :)

     Inspection went GREAT, the only things that were noted were SOOO minor...

    There is a wooden post outside and the paint has chipped and the wood is starting to wear from the weather.  We just have to sand that little section (about 3x3 inches) and put some wood putty on it and give the column (only about 6 feet high) a coat of white paint. 

    Also the ventilation on the roof needs end caps... we need 8 of those that cost about $2 and just snap right in. 

    There is a rusty nail on the roof that is sticking out and doesn't appear to have a purpose.  We just have to remove and patch.

     There is a pipe attached to something in the attic... some sort of air system and it needs a cap... it's seriously a 1 inch pvc endpiece and it doesn't even need glued on.

     And the final thing is that the garage door has a shimmy... my dad and Zach looked at it and they can fix it pretty easily... they just need to move one of the tracks about 1/2 an inch. 

     My parents think the house is beautiful though :)  They really like it and like the location.  I don't think we'll have a hard time getting them to come vist haha.

     Thanks for asking!  How was your weekend?

  • I'm soo glad it went well. (that stinks about your A/C though)
     I took Steve by your neighborhood on Saturday on our way to Lowes and he was impressed. He told me "looks like you'll have someone close by now huh?" I said yup!!

    On another note, we finally have patio furniture. We went to the Lowes in Simpsonville and picked out a raised table/chair set. My job today was to put it together-took about 2.5 hrs total but at least we have it now. So now whenever ya'll come over we don't have to worry about imaginary patio stuff. :-)

     I actually did want to ask you a quick question .I'm looking into new job opportunities-the gyms working out great but I kinda want to do something else too-and I thought I remembered you were doing work for a company out of your home. I was wondering how you found a reputable company in that field?? I've seen ads/received requests for my resume' from a few of those businesses but I was wondering if there are any particular certifications or anything I need to look for to know if it's a legit business or not?? I would really appreciate any info you could give me on this.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening!!!
    Big Smile 



  • That's awesome about your new patio furniture!  I'm awful at assembling things, but at least I'll use the directions and get it together eventually... Zach always has extra pieces!


    As for my job, it really just fell in my lap.  My resume was searchable on Yahoo Hotjobs, Career Builder, and Monster.  My company found me. 

     I just did a basic Google search to find out about the company, visited their website, etc... from visiting their website and reading news stories in major publications like USA Today and the Washington Post I could tell they were legitimate. 

    What field are you looking for?  I'm in Public Relations.  Whatever you do, it's good to makr on your public resume profiles that you are open for contractor positions.  That's how a lot of work from home jobs start.  I'm just going to become a full-time employee with benefits in September... (though I have been working full-time it was just as a contractor.)  Anyway if you do something from home, make sure you have a contract, and just do lots of research.  Also call the better business bureau in the city where it is based.

    Another thing I always do is do a google search "*Company name* scam"  and that will usually turn up any problems anyone has had with the company.

    That's been my experience anyway, if you ever want me to look at a company that has offered you something feel free to e-mail it to me!


  • Thanks. I'm still in the "search" stage right now, but I'm looking at getting into some kind of contract position in the near future. . Thanks for your help. I'll definitely email you when I find/figure something out.
    Big Smile
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