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I'm sure these are getting annoying, but gift idea for 7 month old?

I want to get something for my 7 month old nephew but I'm completely baby stupid.  He's the first kid in the family in over 16 years, so I've never really been around a little one.  I know he doesn't need clothes - SIL went crazy overboard in that department.  I thought about getting a small toy but I swear her family has already gotten him everything under the sun.  

Any ideas?

PS. I'm an incredibly broke college student and so is DH, so I'm thinking the smaller the better.


Re: I'm sure these are getting annoying, but gift idea for 7 month old?

  • I have two 8 months old so here are some things that could work:

    Books - my boys love to look at books and new ones are always fun.  You could even get them at the dollar store.

    Any toy that is for age 6 months to 12 months.  I got my boys the fisher price "vintage" telephone toy that I had when I was a baby.  It was on sale for $10 at Target.

    You could also frame a picture of you and your nephew that he can have in his room.

    We can also never have enough burp cloths and bips.  They make some cuter ones and I always like using them for special occasions.


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  • DH and I always get the kids who are less than a year old books. Simply because the toys are great but they really do outgrow them quickly. Books last awhile and our family all loves to read. Once they're a bit older and start developing real interests in toys or themed toys we start buying them those.
  • Should I look for soft baby books or could I get him something like "Where the Wild Things Are"?  
  • image alberry87:
    Should I look for soft baby books or could I get him something like "Where the Wild Things Are"?  

    You can't go wrong with classics like that but you can also look for hard, board books.  They are the only ones my boys can look at by themsleves - they tear the pages of regular books.

    Their favorite is a hard book of dogs with some fuzzy things on each page.  It was from my aunt and it still has the TJ Maxx price tag of $9.99. 

    I just did a google search and found it:

    Dog board book

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    The Leap Frog Fridge Farm (magentic for the fridge, child matches the front and back of each animal to make it sing) is a good toy for that age. He'll just be growing into it over the next few months. I'm not sure how much it is in the US, but it's regular $20 in Canada, but TRU has been having it on sale for $10 regularly. MY DS is 16 MO and has had his for quite some time. At first, he just pressed the buttons to hear the music, then played with sticking the magnets on the fridge then pulling them off, and for the last few months he has been playing with it the way it was intended, matching up the pieces. They also have a cars one, which is the one my son actually has, but he has the farm one at my MILs and enjoys that one as well. 


  • I have seven nieces and nephews and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sandra Boynton board books...  They are so clever, and the kids love them, too...  The Belly Button book, Moo, Baa, La La La, Pajama Time, and Fifteen Animals are my faves... You can get them at Target!


  • What about a Nice "Baby's First Christmas" ornament

    I got my neice who is 8.5 months one of the toys that they can stand behind & push when they're learning to walk. It transforms into a little car. I got it for $17 at Target

  • I bought these blocks for a friend's son last year and they were a huge hit wtih mom and son.

  • Books or wooden toys.  I think either are really classic and would go over well.
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  • Hi!  This might sound obvious... but I think gift cards to Target or Babies R Us are always appreciated. 

    I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old - and am always buying diapers, wipes, sippy cups etc. A 7 month old also needs formula and baby foods...

    Any amount I'm sure would be appreciated.


  • Some things that were inexpensive that we got for our 7 month old son were wooden blocks, they have sets packed into little carts you can get at target for around $10.  Also, wooden puzzels, or children's books are great ideas that don't cost a lot.  They also have this Little Super Star Stacker that Carson LOVES to play with at daycare you can find them for around $13 at most toy stores.

  • Thanks for all the ideas!
  • I would go with small toys. DD loves links which are around $4 and you can get them at Walmart, BRU, Target, etc.  DD loves small toys she can hold easily.  She is not into stuffed animals.  I like toys that suction cup onto the high chair, but they are surprisingly hard to find unless you go to an actual toy store.  TJ Maxx had a lot of good priced toys under $10.
  • One of the gifts I bought for my 8 mo niece is a bumble ball.  My kids loved them when they were little, and now they come in animal shapes too - we got the pig for E.  It was right around $10 - I can't wait to see her with it!

  • When DD was a baby and probably even now, my ex MIL would get her a 100 gift card to Babies R Us for both her birthday and Christmas.  It was my favorite gift for DD.  When I was in the store and I saw something cute that I couldn't buy or something I needed, I could use that. 

    Now I am not saying 100.00 but you can always get your nephew 20 or 25 gift card.  I am sure it will be appreciated. 


    Mommy to Ella Grace 6/4/05
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