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Eyebrow threading

Does anyone on this board get their eyebrows threaded?  I want to try it, but so far haven't found anyone who does it.  If you have a recommendation, I would appreciate it!  And if it happens to be in N. Phx that would be even better!  Smile
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Re: Eyebrow threading

  • I've never heard of this.   Now I need to google it!
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  • I've had it done a few times. There are kiosks in the mall at Arrowhead Mall and PV mall. It's $10. Compared to waxing, I thought threading hurt worse actually. It wasn't bad, but with waxing, they take off all the hair in one pull. With threading, they pull one hair at a time, so the pain lasts longer. But they say it's good for people who have really sensitive skin and can't tolerate waxing very well. Overall, I like waxing better, but maybe you should give it a try! Let us know what you think! :)
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  • I prefer waxing, but if you want to try it, there's a kiosk at AZ Mills.
  • ouch! I tried it twice and it hurt so bad. My hair seemed to come back faster than it does with waxing too. If you're open to opinions, I'd stick to waxing!
  • I would check into wherever you do it BEFORE getting it done.   I have a friend who assists with mall property management and she won't get this service at a mall, because 9/10 times the company that does it isn't cosmetically licensed.   According to her, they don't have to prove any state licensing to the mall, unlike having it done at spas and beauty salons, where licenses are required to be displayed.    The license protects u as well as the person doing the threading, so it's always good to know they have one.  Smile

  • i've done this before and OUCH!!! i swore i'd never do it again. is it crazy that i'll pick natural childbirth over eyebrow threading? lol...  

    i agree about the malls though. if i WERE going to do this, i would NOT go to a mall kiosk. there are a lot of salons that offer this service.  the lady that did mine was in north phoenix but she moved out of state. sorry i don't have any recs.

  • I've had it done and for me it wasn't too bad.  My skin doesn't tolerate waxing at all, so that's not an option for me.  I'm really lazy about my eyebrows--I'm just lucky that I'm blonde :).  GL!
  • I just had it done a few weeks ago at this salon and loved the results.
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