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Not in the Christmas spirit.

Is anyone else not feeling the Christmas spirit this year?

I'm really struggling with gifts this year.  I'm having a hard time coming up with good ideas for my husband.  And I'm having a hard time coming up with ANY ideas for my dad..

Our house isn't decorated yet because we were gone all weekend.  And now we're busy and I just don't have the motivation to do it.

And I decided that I was going to bake gifts for a lot of people on our list this year, and I'm currently feeling overwhelmed with that task.




Re: Not in the Christmas spirit.

  • Lists! Lists! Lists! They won't help with gift ideas but they will help get rid of the overwhelmed feeling. I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas for anyone this year and the ones I do come up with all seem more expensive then what we can spend. It's very frustrating.
    Ben & Shana - August 27, 2005
  • That was me last year. I felt so overwhelmed by all the gifts I had to buy and the spirit was gone. I can't remember what turned it all around, but I think it finally happened a couple of days before Christmas when we headed home and just got to enjoy time with family.

    Try to focus on that, how great it'll be to celebrate with family, and don't stress about finding the perfect gift, some years you find it, others you might just have to go from the list. Oh, and listening to Christmas music, that always helps too. Smile

  • I'm actually looking forward to this year. I don't have a colicy baby or a newborn like the last two years. I think a few things help.

    1) We decorated in baby steps this year. We put a little bit out each day last week. We did the tree in three steps which was awesome. I hate when we do it all at once because I get burnt out in about 1/2 hour.  If you don't feel like pulling out all your decorations then don't. Just do a tree.

    2) I don't bake, other than sugar cookies just before Christmas Eve. I don't want to put the pressure on myself.

    3) I am pledging to do something Christmasy each week. So far we went to Santa's arrival at the mall and we went to the Meijer Gardens last Tuesday night.

    4) We have cut back on gifts over the last couple of years which has helped. And I usually start picking things up over the summer.

    5) I had a hard time trying to think of good gift ideas for Brian and felt bad that I couldn't come with anything, then I realized he can't come up with anything  either to give to his family. I think in Jan or Feb, I am going to surprise him with a overnight stay somewhere, hopefully at the JW, so we can have some time with ourselves. So I remind myself that while I don't have any awesome Christmas gifts this year, I will have an awesome surprise a few weeks later.

    I think one good thing about the economony is that more and more extended families are cutting back on gifts or cutting them out completely and replacing it with something else like adopting a family or doing a fun themed gift excahnge like board games. Maybe something to keep in mind for your family.

  • I'm not ready either.  No ideas for DH, and none for other family.  We do have our decorations up and it helps to see the kids excited but I'm just not ready for it right now :-(.  I also hate when I ask people for lists and then they wait until the week before Christmas to send them.  Don't want to ask for the lists because I know I am going to get frustrated waiting!

  • I don't have any help for you but wanted to commiserate.  We decided not to decorate this year because we're gone so much over the holidays and I was feeling uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Gandalf mostly unattended with the lights.  I feel like Christmas is approaching way too fast.  I have no idea what to get anyone and no inclination to shop.  My H is usually my favorite person to buy for, but this year we're not buying gifts for each other because of Italy and some other big purchases we've made this year.

    Wah wah wahCrying  Thanks for letting me play at the pity party.

  • There is still plenty of time, girls, no need to rush!
  • Awww.  It's ok.  Christmas isn't about decorations or cookies anyways. :-) 

    Remember - everything will get done.  Or maybe it won't.  And if it doesn't, everything will be fine.

    As far as baked goods go - you could always bake a few and then mix in a few Meijer bakery cookies - kind of cheating but could take the pressure off a bit. :-)

  • Thanks for the tips, girls.  Also, thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone.  Smile
  • I'm in the Christmas spirit a little more now that my house is decorated.

     But... i have ZERO desire to shop. I'm feeling very uncreative this year in the gift category.

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  • I have little Christmas Spirt and little $$ for it.

    I often wish I could just skip over this part of the year. Everyone starts to get crazy and we get exhausted . We have 3 family to visit. Why does Christmas always have to be Dec. 25, why can't I get DH parents to understand that it needs to be spread out. 

  • We are going to the Holland Christmas parade tonight to kick off a December of celebrating. You're totally invited along if it would help at all!

    What Erin said is true, too. There's still plenty of time. Don't feel like you have to be there right this minute.

  • image Chymes:

    We are going to the Holland Christmas parade tonight to kick off a December of celebrating. You're totally invited along if it would help at all!

    What Erin said is true, too. There's still plenty of time. Don't feel like you have to be there right this minute.

    What did you think of the Holland Parade???  We always go but this year Katie had a solo in the Christmas Choir COncert for school so we missed it.  Who plans the parade on the same night all K-7 grades in Holland have a Chistmas concert.....uggggg! 

    We had hoped to go to Zeeland's but I just found out theirs was Monday night.....strike 2!!!!  : (

  • Kasa, given your affinity for winter, I wonder if 50 degrees in November may have slowed down your holiday mojo.

    It'll come.

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