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Preparing to TTC...? Possibly TMI

Hey everyone! I've been kind of MIA lately with school and grad school taking over my life, but I've been reading the board almost every day and I've enjoyed following what's going on with everyone. Sorry if this is TMI, but I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.

 I was just wondering if anyone is kind of "preparing" to TTC. To be completely honest, I've gotten kind of thin over the past couple of years. I've always been a healthy eater and I've worked out since high school, but I've never really seen any changes in my body. I started working out hardcore (4-5x week) in the fall of 2007 and cut out most alcohol, and since then I've lost about 15 lbs (which doesn't seem like a lot, but I went from 125 to 110 and I'm 5'3"). I've been on BC since I was 17, and I've always been pretty regular, but for the past couple of months I've missed my period.

I don't really eat much (not purposefully) during the day because I'm really busy and I put other things before food (running a kindergarten classroom is stressful) - honestly, I just forget that I'm hungry unless I make a conscious effort to eat. I go to the gym once a week because I'm so busy, so I'm not really working out too much anymore. My H is worried that I won't be able to conceive if I sustain this weight, so I've been really trying to eat more throughout the day.

I used to take a multivitamin with folic acid and calcium, and I started that up again. We're not TTC now, but we'll probably start next school year, so I'm just trying to get healthy now. I was just wondering if anyone else is going through anything similar.

Thanks :)



Re: Preparing to TTC...? Possibly TMI

  • I'll be going off the pill when DH leaves.  Figure he'll be gone a few months and it will give my body time to adjust to being pill-free.  I'll probably get better about taking vitamins and I'll definitely be getting myself in better shape...but thats not a TTC thing...thats a fatass thing that I need to do regardless.

    ETA: The missed period thing in your post concerns me.  Thats often a sign of stress on the body.  It sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to make things better though, so thats good.

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  • A friend of mine recently went through something very similar. She's very thin by nature, but because of her diet she got really thin. Her period stopped too, just like yours. After much coaxing from me, she spoke to the owner of our gym who is an MD (and also knows a great deal about nutrition and the nutrition program that most of us follow, which most MDs don't). His response, "EAT MORE NOW!!!!!" The fact that she was very thin and had also stopped her period was very alarming to him. I left before the details of that conversation, so I don't know the exact science behind what was going on. I did catch a tidbit about her period stopping because she didn't have nearly enough fat in her diet. About a month later she got pregnant (they'd been trying), and subsequently miscarried. It was 100% a direct result of her diet. Her body was not able to carry a child in it's then-current state. The emotional toll it took on her and her husband was very hard to watch because they knew that they could have likely avoided it. Now, she's completely revamped her diet, put on a healthy 10-15 lbs (well, probably more now), and is 12 weeks pregnant again.

    I can't tell you exactly how you should eat, but if you're getting ready to TTC, then you should definitely pay more attention to your diet. Eat more, and consciously up the fat content (good, quality fats). Don't worry about gaining weight. Just worry about getting your body ready for that baby!

  • Ditto Chrissy.  And, I know it is sometimes hard to eat when you aren't hungry, but try adding in snacks of nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc) to add healthy fats in a small package.  Also try adding nut butters and things like that which will provide you with healthy fats.  That is an easy way to up your calorie count and good fat content without adding a ton of food to your diet.
  • Hopscotch and Chrissy have great suggestions. I went through something similar when I was in High School. I was a sprinter and ate a strict lean meat/complex carb diet that consisted of 4 grams of fat per day and I stopped getting my period alltogether--not good. As soon as I added more fat to my diet, my body corrected itself.

    Hopscotch's suggestion of snacking on almonds and pistachios and other nuts is a great way to add more nutrition, also if you like edamame--they're packed with great protein and are easy to take with you in a ziplock bag. Also, you can go ahead and start taking a pre-natal now--they are packed with great vitamins and make your hair and nails strong and long. I still take mine (well, I need a new rx for it actually), as my daily vitamin.

  • Geesh I wish I had the problem of forgetting to eat or having to force myself to eat.  I have no issues with food, it tastes good so I eat all the time.  I just need to eat healthier and make sure to get the proper nutrition. I think Hopscotch and Chrissy had some great advice.

    I'm not preparing in the ways of diet, but more in the money department.  We're not quite ready for kids, but we've talked about possibly next fall.  I want to start putting away x amount of money a month for "daycare" to see how it impacts our budget.  Not sure if I'm ready to give up some of my vices!

  • Thanks a lot ladies, I really appreciate the suggestions and support.

    I was worried when I realized I stopped getting my period too. I've known that can happen if you're not healthy but I guess I never thought it would happen to me, so when it started happening I didn't really give it much thought (I've been sick lately too, so I thought maybe that threw it off - which it might've). 

     I love peanut butter (I can sit with a jar and a spoon and be perfectly happy) and I try to eat it over the weekend. I eat peanuts, raisins, and almonds when I get home from school everyday because I can't bring nuts into my school (too many nut allergies). Edamame is a great suggestion, I hadn't thought about that! I started bringing in string cheese, which is another good portable option if anyone else needs one!

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