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**Rings are gone, I'm okay**

Sorry it's taken me all day to do this, but it's been crazy here at work.  I hope I can get it said.

Long story short - I was robbed!

T-day was nice, I'm glad I went to FL to see my dad, brother, sil & nieces.  I wanted to come home on Friday - K said to stay until Sat.  I wasn't going to crochet, but when I was talking with K he suggested a crochet to put me to sleep so I could get some rest.  Yes, crocheting is very, very relaxing.  I ALWAYS took my rings off to crochet because the yarn passes through the fingers nicely.  I ALWAYS safety-pinned my rings to my needle/hook bag so they weren't laying around.  I also put my Citizens watch in my crochet bag along with my camera.

Well, I did gett very, very relaxed and feel asleep.  I set the alarm on my cell phone and laid it next to me in the chair I was resting in.  I woke up and looked at the cell phone.  I jumped up thinking it was an hour past when I wanted to leave, threw on my clothes, grabbed up my bags and headed out the door.  I put my bags (clothes & purse (River's creation)) in the passenger seat, and my crochet bag in the floor board.  Off I left my brother's house, hit the interstate moving north.

I was passed Valdosta and cruising right along.  It finally dawned on me that I didn't have my rings on.  I was jamming to the music and singing and so tickled I was on my way home.  I thought to my self "hmmm, I need to get my rings on"  so I reached over for the bag, and then thought "I better wait till I stop."  Cruising, jamming, changing the channell, cruising - Oh, I've got to peee.

About 2.5 hours up the road I decided that I needed to get gas and would pee and put my rings on.  I came upon a GA rest area, and pee was taking over my thoughts so I stopped.  I assessed the area - people meandering around - cars in the parking lot about (9 or so), a couple moving out, one coming in from behind me -  it was not dark and desolute.  I parked in the front next to the handicapped parking spot.  I was seemingly safe.

I thought - Oh, my rings - then I said oh, I got to pee - I'll put them on when I get back in the truck.  I get out of the truck (Dad's truck - we swapped vehicles because I was bringing back my mom's china cabinet) walk around to the passenger side and locked the door.  I walked in to pee and quickly ran water over my hands (not even washing them - ekkk-but I knew I was going to stop again soon for gas) and walked back to the truck.  Total 4 minutes I'm telling you - tops!

I noticed that the tarp covering the cabinet was lifted in the back, but it wasn't like that when I walked around to lock the passenger door.  I tucked in back in.  I got back to the driver door to unlock and noticed a glitter on the driver seat.  I got in there closer and noticed it was glass.  My eyes got Indifferent I looked down and everything I had was gone.  Including my jacket.  I was left in the cold with 2 pennies in my pocket and my cell phone.

They stole my purse, my dirty underwear (clothes bag), crochet bag - and jacket.  They had smashed out the passenger window.  What pisses me off is that I heard no unusual sound.  Nothing that made me stop and say, oh, what was that.  No crashing noise nothing. 

That's my T-day story.  I'm Sad, but very thankful I had my cell phone, that I didn't walk up when it was happening, that I potentially saved the lady that pulled up shortly after the cop arrived (alone) and I had the chance to plea to her not to stop at any other rest area during her travel, and that I'm alive. 

Please don't take for granite that what you have locked in your vehicle is safe!  Make sure that you take everything with you when you leave your vehicle while you are out shopping or traveling over the holidays.  Our society is hurting for lack of work, use of drugs and no hope.  Our society is feeding off of society. 

image LIFE ~~~'34-'08 My Mom is just one prayer away!~~~ My rings were stolen, but the memories won't die!

Re: **Rings are gone, I'm okay**

  • Oh Mo!  That is so awful!!!
    It takes Shakespeare, a genius, to come up with "He dies." And yet every time I read those two words, I find myself overwhelmed with dysphoria. And I know it's only natural to be sad, but not because of the words "He dies." but because of the life we saw prior to the words
    RIP Daddy 3/7/38 - 8/1/08

    Parc Guell, Barcelona
  • OMG!  I am soo sorry!  I am soo glad that you are ok!
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  • that sucks majorly

    Im sorry MO

  • Mouseky! I am so sorry that happened to you honey :(
  • oh my gosh, I am so sorry!!! That's awful :(
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  • holy crap, Mo that sucks! I'd be seriously pissed off. I'm glad you're ok thought but that still sucks.
  • Mo - I am thankful that you are alive and well.  Gosh, that had to be so scary! 
  • Oh Mo!  That had to be so terrifying :(  A friend of mine had that happen to her once when she was at a bar, and the clean-up process with all her ccs and what not was just awful :(  I know you're really a smart woman, but just wanting to make sure - you put a hold on your accounts, correct?

    One thing to definitely keep in mind, as strange as it might sound, but PLEASE get new locks on your doors!  Whoever has your belongings also now knows where you live, and I want you to be safe! 

  • I'm so sorry!!! :(

    Thankful you're ok though.

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  • Wow!  What douchebags.  I'm sorry, Mo.  I'm really glad you're OK.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • OMG...praise the Lord you are ok.
  • Yikes!  What a scary story- you're very lucky!  I know when I started traveling alone for work, my boss made a point of telling me how some people will sit in rest area or motel parking lots, looking for solo female travelers. 
  • I'm so sorry this happened to you! Thank goodness you are safe!
  • I'm so sorry!  I'm glad that you are okay!
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  • That is TERRIBLE!!! I'm so sorry to hear it, but so happy that YOU are okay!!
  • How awful!  But I'm glad you're OK.  I agree with PPR re: your CCs and locks.



  • I'm so sorry.  I'm glad you are alright though.
  • So sorry you're going through this, that's awful.
  • I'm sorry :(   I think those people deserve to be stabbed in the eye with a crochet needle!
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