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I think I'm going to start NROL4W at lunch.

I need a kick in the butt to get working out seriously again.

I got "The New Rules of Lifting For Women" from the library on Saturday, and I think I'm just going to dive right in. I'm not going to formally attempt the eating plan, so I know my results may not be as good as they could be, but I really don't want to eat that much protein powder and I really don't want to be too strict during December.

I am excited to have a plan for my workouts and get moving.

Re: I think I'm going to start NROL4W at lunch.

  • I wish my library had this! And, I wish my lunch was long enough to do a workout. Good Luck!
  • I didn't follow the nutrition part towards the end since I think the recs may have been too high caloric wise for fat loss (for me).It was probably more that I wasn't tracking as diligently and was underestimating my food in general, not so much the guidelines in the book.

    I have a feeling you are going to love the workouts.  

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  • I'm planning to start this program this week, too!  We should touch base every now and again to check in.  Good luck!
  • I love this book. I asked for (and got) a copy for my birthday after continually renewing my library copy. :) I dove in again after my marathon and am just now finishing the first level. I can already tell how much stronger I've gotten and all of my clothes are looser. I don't follow the eating plan at all but I do watch what I eat.


  • I thought about starting this soon too.  I got a copy from the library last month and love it.  I think in january i am going to start because i dont have access to the gym from december 25th - january 10th because i am not working. 
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  • hey!  I'm starting tomorrow.  I was supposed to start this morning but I left my sheets and book at home this morning so I just did my regular legs workout.

    I'm not going to change my eating habits just yet but I'll reevaluate after the first of the year.

    Good Luck!


  • Workout one complete!

    I have so many excuses for why I can't ever start (my work gym doesn't have barbells OR a lat pulldown machine, I'm about to be gone for most of 2 weeks travelling for work, Christmas is busy and we'll travel for that, I'm giving blood tomorrow). I decided to just start, and let what comes come. I'll do my very best to do 3 workouts a week (plus my normal yoga class and weekly swim), but if I can only do 2, I'll do 2. And if I can really only do 1, I'll do one. 

    Excuses only win if I'm so scared of them I stop trying.

  • I never followed the eating plan and am on Stage 7 right now--never felt or looked better!

    Enjoy :-) it took three months of two/three times a week for my husband to notice, but bikini season was actually FUN this summer!  Amazing what it can do for you! GL!

  • Excuses are tools of the incompetent
    which create monuments
    of nothingness
    those who specialize in them
    are seldom
    good in anything....


    Good For you!  I'll be joining you. 


  • GL to everyone starting! I have learned so much and really enjoy it. I am on my second round now, starting Stage 5 today.
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