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30 day notice to renter -How would you feel ?

We were trying to sell our house in Monroe since August of 2008 since my DH got a job in Moses Lake. We had no luck selling the house from Aug -Oct of 2008 and so we decide to find a renter who was willing to go Month to month and keep the house looking show ready for prospective buyers.

We determined since it would be month to month and due to that inconvience and us needing to find somebody quick (so we could move to Moses lake and join DH who had been in Moses since Sept ) we asked for rent of 1200 and our montage was 1700.

So we found a newly divorced dad with a 10 year old son who had just got a great job 2 blocks from our house.

We kept the house on the market tell February of 2009 and no body had looked at the house since OCT 08 so we asked the renter if he would be interested in a longer lease at 1400.00 a month and we would pull it off the market, he decided since he was finalizing hid divorce he wanted the flexablity of the month to month, but thought we could discuss again in May.

So we pull it off the market anyway in hopes that putting back on in the summer we would have better luck.

So June comes around and we ask the renter if he would like a longer lease at 1400.00.before we put it back on the market, he informs us that he has not been happy with the school is son is attending and states that they are in search for another house with a better school, However he let us know that he will give us as much as notice as possible and help us find another tenant so we are not without somebody in the house.

We check and find out that he could transfer his son to a different school and not have to move, and inform him that we are putting the house back on the market, and will keep the house at the 1200.00 a month, he determines he can not find anything cheaper for the amount of space and location he is getting and aggress to stay.

Since June, nobody has looked at the house we lower the price in August and still nobody looks at the house, so renter tells us he may be interested in a rent to own but would not pay more then 1400.00 a month and feel the house is only worth 206,000 (the value of the house is 265,000)

So anyway we are able to refinance and get our montage closer to 1400.00 and were going to approach the renter about doing a rent to own and he tells us that his job moved him to South Seattle so his not interested in buying the house , however he will stay in the house for NOW.

We determine that we need somebody who is interested in a rent to own and need to not be taking such a hit a month so we put an ad on craigslist, and found a family who wants to sign an 18 month lease at 1400.00 a month with a rent to own option. So we have to give our current renter his 30 day notice.

Would you as the renter be pissed that we gave you your notice after everything we have been through in the last year.


I am feeling really bad about giving him his 30 day notice.

Re: 30 day notice to renter -How would you feel ?

  • You have bent over backward for this guy, and he still chooses month to month.

    Don't feel bad.  You are well within reason and your rights.  Don't delay, give him the full 30 and you don't even need to explain why unless he pushes you and you choose to share.


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  • I don't think you need to feel bad -he said that his work changed anyway. You guys have been totally up front with him and he wasn't interested in the rent-to-own option. You guys need more stability. I wouldn't worry about it, you've been up front and honest.
  • Don't feel bad!  You are completely within your rights.  When a renter opts for a month to month situation, they should fully expect this to happen at anytime.
  • You need to keep in mind it is a business situation, not personal. Aslong as it is all on the up and up legally there should be no issue.
  • I would not feel bad at all, you are within your rights and you have done a ton to help him out over the time that he has rented from you.  Give him notice and keep going.

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