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My Thanksgiving

    We hosted a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  I had everyone ,make hand turkeys and say why they there thankful.  The non-Americans said they were worried about saying what they were thankful for, but in the end they were happy I made them.  Several of them said they were glad I'm American and made them Thanksgiving dinner (awww warm fuzzies).

    They all loved the candied sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.  We finished a huge dish of sweet potatoes!  I could only find pink and yellow marshmallows so it looked like Easter threw up on Thanksgiving, I apologized for this unusual dish.  

Pre English Reception Pictures at H's High School
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Re: My Thanksgiving

  • Lol at the colored marshmallows. Glad you had a good time celebrating with your friends
  • Glad you had a good T-day.  I had fun as well with my British & Candian friends...they have all already asked for a return invite next year.
  • Nice that you shared thatwith them and the marshmalows made me laugh!

    Our Thanksgiving was pretty fun. But only about half the swedes would touch the marshmallow covered sweet potatoes. (we made one of the three dishes without!) Ah well, more leftovers for me!

  • Sounds like fun, hehe!  Glad your attendees got into the spirit and had fun too!
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