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What sports do you like?

I love sports.  My favorite is NFL football followed by college basketball.  I like baseball, basketball and soccer.  I never watch boxing, NASCAR or gold.  What sports do you watch?  Which ones don't you like?

Re: What sports do you like?

  • I love watching MLB and NFL.  I will sometimes watch hockey and golf.  I rarely watch basketball but I wouldn't change the channel if it were on and I like the hightlights on ESPN.  I don't ever watch soccer, boxing or Nascar.  I don't watch or follow any college sports.
  • Like: College Football, Boxing, and NFL sometimes

    Don't really like: Basketball 

  • Football - both college and NFL

    Basketball - only college. 

    Soccer - I'm addicted to EPL and when World Cup starts I'll be at the local Mexican place a lot.  Plus I watch a number of high school and college matches. 

    Boxing - if it is own I'll watch.

    Hockey - I watch and attend games occassionally.  Depends on how the Carolina Hurricanes are playing. 

    Baseball - hell no!  I have been to one professional game and it was okay. 

    Golf - rarely

    Sumo wrestling - loooove it!

  • Love the MLB, grew up going to games with my dad

    Soccer - our Houston Dynamo boys are the best, and the World Cup is coming up! I have been playing for 23 years too so it runs in my blood

    DH loves to watch Curling at the Olympics, and I will watch UFC with him as well

    Have never been a HUGE football fan, I like it but coming around to it more and more

    Golf - I absolutely hate watching, I would rather watch paint dry

    Basketball - don't really care for if we get tickets we will go to a game other than that I don't really care to watch it


  • 1. NFL -- the Colts are my team, but give me any game any time

    2. College football

    3. College bball -- regular season I'm mostly a Big Ten girl (Michigan State!), but March Madness is like a drug overdose for me

    4. Cubs baseball

    5. Golf -- I'll watch the majors, esp if Tiger and/or Phil are making a run on Sunday

    6. Tennis -- the majors are always great to watch

    7. and IndyCar racing gets a special dispensation in May since I live in Indy.  You can't NOT get into it if you live in this city!


    Sports I'm just not that into: NBA, NHL (I'll watch the Stanley Cup playoffs though), WNBA, Nascar, MMA...


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    7/8 - XTERRA Freedom Fest Hawaii 10K
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  • I love watching NFL and MLB. I enjoy watching college football. Somethings are better when you watch them in person, like golf.

    I hate watching NBA. I don't know why, but just do. I don't really care for NASCAR. My dad watched it when I was younger and loved Richard Petty. I just couldn't wrap my mind on watching cars going around a track for several hours. That is another sport that is probably better watched live.


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  • I play Fantasy Football so I would have to say NFL is #1 (E-A-G-L-E-S!) followed closely by college football. I agree with PP that March Madness is a drug. I can watch any college game.

    I also watch Phillies baseball, but don't follow much else in regards to baseball.

    DH loves golf so during the height of the season I watch golf while doing housework.

    I hate NBA, WNBA & NASCAR, but I will pretty much watch anything else.

    We are a sports household that is for sure!

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  • 1. NCAA football

    2. MLB

    3. NBA

    4. NCAA basketball

    sometimes I watch NFL football but only if the Colts are playing Big Smile

    I don't like NASCAR at all.  All other sports I will give at least one watch.

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  • College football.  And, occasionally, March Madness.
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  • Love: NFL football (Packers), MLB baseball (Twins), and Fifa soccer (Go CHILE!)

    Kind of like:  NBA basketball (Celtics)

    Dislike: NASCAR, tennis, golf --- really only because they're boring to watch on TV. In person it might be cool.

  • Absolutely love: college football [Oklahoma State], college basketball [Oklahoma State and also a Duke fan], NBA [Mavs and Thunder!]

    Sorta love: NFL [ dad's an Eagles fan], soccer - but only the World Cup

    Moderate love: MLB [BoSox!]

    Not a big fan of: NASCAR, tennis [but can watch the big match-ups and get completely into it], golf

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  • 1. NFL- Miami Dolphins

    2. Hockey - New York Islanders

    3. MLB - New York Yankees.

  • The only major sport (in the US at least) that I do not like is Soccer.
  • baseball is my favorite - I used to go to about 100 games a year. I also watch football & hockey. I'm not a fan of basketball, but I don't mind going to games. I love both NFL and NCAA football.

    I don't care for golf, and I'm sure it will start debate, but I don't consider Nascar a sport.


    I also like college football & hockey. Occasionally I get drawn into a Minn. Wild game.

  • College football, NFL, college basketball. In that order.  I also like baseball, but generally only in person.  The minor league is was more fun, too.  Hockey in person is good, too.

    NASCAR is not a sport IMO and I also don't care for boxing or wrestling.


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  • I religiously watch the Red Sox and Patriots all season.

    I occasionally watch the Celtics and Bruins.

    I'm also pretty big into UFC.

    I don't ever watch NASCAR, golf, soccer, or college sports of any kind.



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  • My top sport is cycling--I guess i'm the first to mention it.  LOVE it.

    Next is baseball.  Though I grew up a Mets fan, Dh is a Yankees fan and I truly consider myself a fan of both--which is strange.  The only way to justify it is that my favorite player of all time played for both teams. 

    Hockey is third.  I used to work for one of the NHL teams and I loved every minute of it until the lockout of of the 2004-2005 season.  That was one of the worst times in my professional life.

    Finally, college basketball.  Being an Indiana alumnae, it's pretty much impossible to NOT love college basketball--even if my Hoosiers of late more closely resemble Hoovers (in that they suck--you know, like the vaccum). Wink

    I don't mind tennis--actually LOVED it when I was younger and Wimbleton will always have a special place in my heart, but life gets in the way.  Golf is much better watched in person, though I don't really consider myself a "fan". 

    I used to HATE football with a passion.  I mean HATE.  The NHL team I worked for also had an AFL team (arena football) and though Arena football games were the worst games EVER, it did at least help me learn to tolerate football.  I could get into a game if I had to.

  • I like: college football and baseball, hockey in general, MLB and rugby.

    Not a fan of: boxing, wrestling, basketball, nascar



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  • Love hockey - watch most of the Wings games and quite a bit of other games as well.

    Next I guess I would say baseball.

    Don't really care about basketball or football (college or professional).

    Don't watch NASCAR, boxing.  Sometimes UFC if DH is watching it.  I do enjoy watching some bowling though lol.

  • We watch all NFL and NCAA football.  We're big MLB fans, too - go Tigers!  We get a little into NCAA basketball and March Madness, too.  That's about it.
  • I love:
    NFL football
    Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding
    Figure Skating
    Running (yes, watching a marathon is incredible intriguing to me)


    I like most sports and will stop to watch something if I stumble upon it on TV.

  • Love: NFL (specifically the Packers)

    Like: MLB, NBA, March Madness

    Dislike: NHL & Nascar

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