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Good Morning! (Thursday)

Hello everyone! We are almost to the weekend! How was everyone's evening? Any exciting plans for tonight?
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Re: Good Morning! (Thursday)

  • Good Morning!

    Last night was nice, the DH was off work yesterday so he made dinner (turkey and vegetable soup and fresh bread) and we walked the pups up to the park, then we all cuddled on the couch and watched the WWII in HD series on the history channel. Very relaxing. Nothing really going on tonight, just the weekly call with my Mom and television, Flash Foward and Grey's Anatomy. I am very ready for the weekend!

  • Dh is still on his guys trip, they are getting back tomorrow so I was on my own. I came home from work, made dinner and watched Twilight. Then I promptly went to bed.

    Tonight, midnight showing of New Moon!! I am giddy as a school girl right now! So, so, so excited!

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  • I pulled the same routine?re-watched Twilight and I am soooo excited for my New Moon date on Sunday! Too ridiculous? Haha

  • Haha I think that series brings out the 15 year old in all girls. When I was reading them it was really bad I could barely think of anything but Edward. I used to read it and listen to Lady Gaga while at the gym on the eliptical and now everytime I here any Lady Gaga song I immediatly think about Twilight and it starts all over again. Of course her music is everywhere so I cant excape it. I am going to see the movie eventually but I wasnt too impressed with the first one so I am really in no rush.
  • I'm so glad Friday is almost here!  I slept horribly last night thanks to this cough...I think I got about 4 hours total and that was after swigging about 1/2 a bottle of nyquil!  

    So I got Sarah's H1N1 shot and she was such a trooper!  Didn't cry at all!  Just gave the nurse the WTF? look!  The clinic turned out to be for ages 3 and up so luckily we were able to get in with a pediatrician who gave the shot to her.  Still had to wait over an hour but at least now it's done...until we have to look for the booster in a month!

    I then stayed up late to clean up the house and get stuff ready for Bunco here tonight.  I wound up not going to my Jr League meeting...I just had too much to do and with being a Single Mom this week (C has worked late every night) something had to give.

    Not much else going on tonight except Bunco which I'm looking forward to.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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  • I couldn't agree more!! Once my little sister informed me aout the book series, I couldn't put them down. I loved reading the series and the movies only somewhat bring it to life those stories.

    PS We are just moving to the area too and also from Long Beach!! Right there with ya girl!

  • lwatton - I wanted to watch that WII series and forgot it started this week! Bummer!

    I'm pretty exhausted today and my throat hurts a bit so I'm afraid I might be getting sick. :(

    Last night H had jujitsu class and I worked on a wedding invitation bride. Fortunately after a few revisions, she was finally happy with the end result which makes my job easier :)

    When H got home, he told he had swung by his parents house and they had given him a dvd with some old silent home movies that FIL had converted so we ended up watching those! They were super cute and I'm so glad we have those now. Hubs was quite a little chunky monkey! I'm talking rolls on his thigh haha!

    Tonight, probably have something easy for dinner so I can finish up the RSVP card design for the bride and meet her tomorrow to go over everything.

  • klovesv, yay we can commisserate together. I do love it here but as I mentioned before its just quite a change. Where in Long Beach are you moving from??


  • mrsmj2008- The WWII series is super good, totally not my thing really, even the H said he was surprised I was still intereste, but I am. Its all real footage and tells the whole story of the war from multiple viewpoints. Its pretty awsome, especially because I basically know nothing about it, must have been asleep during US History in High School, :). Its been on since Monday night and we just got to D Day.
  • I'll have to check if they're going to reair it!
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