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Upstate Lazy River Buddy Needed

Hey ladies, I'm going through beach withdrawal and I think I'm going to go check out Discovery Island Waterpark in Simpsonville tomorrow if the weather holds out.  I know it will probably be insanely busy, but I dream about lazy rivers so I want to go try to get a tan while gently floating on the cool waters of contentment :)

There is NOTHING good about me in a bathing suit, but I'm burning up and need some water fun!

Anyone else want to go, or have ever been there before?  How is the Lazy River?

Despite the fact his ancestors lived in the desert, my husband is half Lebanese and yet he breaks out in a rash anytime he's exposed to the sun for more than like 30 minutes, so I'll be flying solo.

I'd love company, but I'll warn you, there is NOTHING good about me in a bathing suit!



Re: Upstate Lazy River Buddy Needed

  • So what's the verdict? Did you end up going to Discovery Island and into the lazy river?  

    How's the beach withdrawal?   That's one "condition"  I'll never have.  I can't stand the beach-in any way shape or form.   I haven't been to a beach in a few years and that's fine with me.   It is soooooooooo boring and hot and sandy and I hate having sand everywhere.   Don't I sound like a party pooper.   DH isn't a beach bum either.    Guess that's why we didn't go to some tropical island for our honeymoon.  



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  • OOH where did you go on yoru honeymoon?  It sounds like you and my DH would get along beautifully... despite being Lebanese, he HATES Sand, Sun, and Salt Water... he get sun poisoning at the drop of a hat, it's crazy.

     I didn't wind up going today... I know this is absoltely insane given last week's incident, but I wound up POKING MY EYE in my sleep last night... I woke up at 3:30 AM in pain and my hand was right by my left eye.

    In my whole life I have never REALLY poked myself in the eye beyond causing about 5 minutes of discomfort, but somehow last week I managed to seriously injure my right eye, and then last night I hurt the left.  While I'll admit it's not AS bad as my right eye was... I can say that before last week it would have been the worst eye injury I've had.  It's been hazy and light-sensitive all day... So I decided to stay in.

     My cousin's wife Bethany (who you have met) will go with me sometime, but she has the flu this weekend, so I'm hoping maybe it will work out for us next weekend.

     There's no sand at discovery island are you SURE you don't want to give it a try??? Bethany thought she hated the beach/pools/sun/sand before she went on vacation with us last week and we changed her mind :)


  • What's up with you and your eye injuries? 

     DH and I went to Las Vegas on our honeymoon.   I wanted to go to Disney-but then decided I'd like to go someplace I'd never been.   We liked it- but a week (IMO) was too long.   After about day 4 we were like "now what?".   We saw Mamma Mia (DH left during intermission cause he wasn't feeling well-I stayed though-no way I was mssing it just cause DH had a headache) and the best part was seeing Celine Dion!   I got us awesome seats-they were mucho expensive, but I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing.  

    Maybe one of these days I'll join you at Discovery Island.   The only waterpark I have ever been to was when I was 10 (so a time far far away) and my parents took us to Action Park in New Jersey.   I loved it!  Action Park no longer exists-I think it's called something else now, but I remember how fun it was!  

    Hope you have a good Sunday.   Hey when I see you Friday-I'll show you that empty house for sale across the street from me.  That is if you are still in the market for a house.




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  • Sounds great about pointing out the house to me.  Where are we meeting anyway?  Can you e-mail me directions?

    Fortunately my eye has recovered, the left eye wasn't nearly as bad as the right.  I have no idea what my problem is.  My husband said he is going to make me start sleeping in a catcher's mask :( 

     From what I've heard/seen discovery island isn't much in itself.  I just LOVE lazy rivers.  I could float around one for days :)

  • LOL! I know I'm not really part of this conversation...but your DH saying that about you sleeping in a catchers mask cracked me up!!! I had to let you know!

    Good luck with the eye...

  • I thought we could meet at my house.   You can leave your car there and then we will drive to my sister's house.  I will give you directions when I see you at the GTG tomorrow night.  


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  • LI sounds great!


    Mrs.S.  Are you coming tomorrow night??? Please do!  I'd love to meet someone who enjoys our humor :) 

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