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Updated Decorations for Sale

Hi local Nesties,

We need your help in selling our decorations from our wedding. Please pass this on to anyone you know of getting married. We've got to sell this stuff quickly and we're really not getting many people that interested in the items. The items are well take care of, good quality and sturdy. We are willing to negotiate on the prices, so nothing below is set in stone.

 Anyway....here is our post:

We have a large lot of wedding decorations. Most items were used in our own wedding a few months ago at the Hawthorne House in Parkville

Here are some of the items we're selling and their prices. This stuff needs to go as we have to replace our AC and Furnace (plus its taking up a lot of room in our garage!!). We're located off of 152 & I-35 up north.

? 27 Eiffel Tower Vases in all. seven are short (about a foot tall), and 20 of them are tall - $250.00
? 12 Pew Bow arrangements - $100
? Pew Spindles - $50
? Metal Candle/Vase Holders - $60
? Chandelier Centerpiece/table accents - $200
? 25 Large hurricane glasses. $200 for all or $10.00 a piece. roughly a foot tall.
? 7 Flower Arangements - $150 (tops are bare foam which we put a hurricane glass on with a pillar candle. six are the shorter size and one is the taller )
? 1- 3 foot long and 7 - 6 foot long double strands of garland - $100
? Silk Flower Bouquets (all matching pieces. Our color was cornflower blue and since nothing matches that, we went with complimentary colors) - $250
? 6 Large Decorator Columns (three sizes (made in pairs) roughly, 3, 4, and 5 feet tall. Made of wood, solid construction with a hollow center) - $275

We will accept cash only

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 816-863-6305 for more information. We do have some pictures available if you'd like to see some of the items.

Re: Updated Decorations for Sale

  • Honestly (not trying to be mean), if you really need to get rid of these soon you might try dropping your prices.  Seem a bit high to me.  I sold a lot of my things but no one was willing to pay that much. 
  • I think it?s only right for me to respond to your post with this simple explanation:

    Everything we are selling is at least half off of what was paid for the items retail. Many items are substantially lower. If we just wanted to get rid of it, we would have a garage sale, but as luck would have it, we are trying to build funds to take care of a large unexpected expense that we recently incurred. We figure that we would sell this stuff at a reasonable price to recoup some of the money we have spent and to help others from having to spend as much as we did in a retail shop. We don?t feel that any of this is overly priced and if you see the quality and the craftsmanship of most of these items, you would probably agree. Materials are very expensive and then count all of the labor it takes to put these items together. Everyone that has bought something from us so far agrees that we aren?t asking for too much and that we have a lot of ?really nice things.? We invite anyone to compare our items to retail, we would.

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