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What is on your Christmas list?

I'm sorry to ask this question 3 days into November but my MIL won't let up.  She wants a list and she wants it now!  lol  I have a few ideas but I'm just feeling guilty over asking for stuff this year since we're not able to go "all out" ourselves w/ gift buying.  So what are you asking for?

And on a related note: any tried and true ideas for handmade or homemade gifts that you care to share?  Links appreciated! 

Re: What is on your Christmas list?

  • I think we are getting each other new brakes for our cars.  Very romantic.

    You could make apple butter or pepper jelly and give it as a gift. I need to think about making something this year too because we want to cut back on Christmas.  We should think of something sort of gift we could make at a gtg.    

  • that is a good question.  so far on my list is a long fleece robe, maybe a new pair of boots, and i always ask for my magazine subscriptions.


    as far as making christmas gifts.  do you know how to knit?  you could make scarves, gloves, blankets, etc. if you have any nice photos of family members or friends, you could always matte and frame them yourself.  that is always a nice and personable gift. you could even buy a plain frame and decorate it yourself.


    i googled homemade christmas gifts and here are some helpful websites that came up:


  • I've been jotting things down when I think of them.  New sheets, a new wii game, a throw for the couch, a pair of pj's.  I'd like a roomba but I'm not sure that's in the budget.  And I always ask for a gc to get my nails and toes done!
  • I haven't had much inspiration for my list yet.  I told MIL they could get me some of my favorite L'Occitane hand cream, I told my mom that I would like some new calphalon omelette pans with lids, and I told DH that since he's buying me a new Blackberry since mine has been acting up (as soon as AT&T finally releases the 9700) that he doesn't need to get me anything for Christmas.  DH is getting custom hockey gloves.

    Like Allie mentioned...knitting is one idea.  My MIL has gotten into that and has been knitting presents for people for the last couple months.

  • Only things on my list at the moment are gift cards to buy some new clothes and a new watch.
  • I've been writing things down as I think of them so this is what I have so far.

    Gift cert. to Spa at Hotel Hershey

    Gift cert. to stores I like for clothes

    Nice diaper bag

    Curtain rods

    New dishes



  • I think we're buying a new camera and maybe a flip video camera for Christmas so we'll ask for gift cards towards those. 

    I made pumpkin butter recently and it was SO good.  Let me know if you want the recipe I used.

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