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multi family/couple vacation...need ideas

last year my family and us went on a big family vacation (10 day cruise).  I have 4 sisters, half are married, only one has a child -a 1 yr old.

I would like to do another family vacation again.  But, i want to do something that would not be a pay per person type of thing.  So, no cruises, no all-inclusives, etc.  Basically, everyone would get their own hotel room, or we would rent a house.

The reason why I say this is because it can get super expensive with a family of 5 to pay per person.

Any suggestions?  I was thinking maybe renting a house in NC.  not sure

Here is the dynamics of our family

2 single sisters - they like to party party party, but also lke to do active stuff during the day. 

Married sis1 - they go on cruises all the time.  like to just chill, do beach things a lot.   Like to go to AC

Married sis2 - have a 1 yr old.  Like to do active things during the day.  Since baby is getting older, may want kid things.

Us - we have the 3 kids.  15 yr old, 3 yr old, infant.  We like to do kid friendly stuff during the day, but like the option to go out at night.

parents - mom is a party girl.  but basically will do whatever we tell her.  Dad - he jut like to chill and like to watch the kids have fun.  He is a great people watcher lol.  Usually she would team up with one of us during the day.

In the past, we all did our own things during the day and then met up for dinner and then sometimes did things as a group at night.

So, with that info - what do you suggest?  Can be somewhere we have to fly to.  We are in NY/NJ Again, we don't want to do a cruise

Thanks :)!

Re: multi family/couple vacation...need ideas

  • I think renting a beach house would be the way to go. I'd say Outer Banks or Carolina Beach area, Myrtle Beach, Key West, or Cape Cod.
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  • I agree Outer Banks would be a good way to go
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  • Northern outer banks would be good, Corolla, Duck, there's lots of amazing houses around there.  I think Wilmington / Wrightsville beach would be a good alternative.  There's lots to do in Wilmington and you can stay on Wrightsville beach.  I personally would stay away from Myrtle Beach, it's really commercial.  You can always day trip it from Wilmington.  Are you looking to stay in the states or would the Caribbean be an option?
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  • Key West is definitely for adults. Kids would be bored stupid after the first day or two.

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  • We did this recently in Myrtle Beach with everyone from toddlers, teenagers, adults and seniors and everyone had a great time. It was very budget friendly as well.
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