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Re: Anyone care to jump in?

  • I'm in -- just posted.
  • Stupidiest. Post. Ever!
  • I think she was looking for someone to say that they had those exact same symptoms when they were pregnant.  In her other posts, she's said that she wants a baby but her DH isn't ready (they're all of 18...well, she is at least).  That she's now on this poor pitiful me tangent makes me think that she's backpedaling.  If she was that concerned and scared, why not go to the hospital or get in earlier with her doctor?  They take emergencies seriously and wouldn't have put her off if there was a legitimate cause for concern.

    You were right in your advice, though.  If this pill is making her have all of these symptoms, it's likely just not the right one for her. 

  • Again, it goes back to knowing how your BC and your body works. I liked how she tried to use being newly married, in a foreign country, and being away from family and friends as an excuse. Stupidity is not a phase.
  • Well, it was nicer than saying "This is the problem that people have w/ 18 year old brides."

    She doesn't even know enough about BC to know that, yes, you may experience pg like symptoms including morning sickness every once in a while! Wait until that happens (well, it happens to me anyways...usually days three and four of a new pack)! She's going to be back, "I feel bloated and this a.m. I felt sick!" You know?

    This girl wants to be a grown up since she is married, but is young young young--and should really not get pg--on purpose or otherwise! 

    AND! To say, "I hope you don't have a daughter..."! Rude! Very, very rude. "I am having a daughter, and I am going to teach her about BC, and the (possible) side effects, and how to handle them like a composed, rational adult. No part of that will include teaching her to run to a chat board..." Lord.

  • Stupidity really annoys me.  Trying to defend stupidity is even worse.

    Why oh why isn't there an IQ test to get married?

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