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Passport requirements

Can someone please clarify the passport requirements for me? I'm reading that everyone must have a passport for entry or re-entry into the US, except for closed circuit cruises. So, if I'm leaving and arriving in and out of the same port, do I not need a passport?

Re: Passport requirements

  • Check the state dept website. It should cover it.
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  • When in doubt get a passport, it's good for 10 years so you can go someone where if you get a good deal on airfare or a package later on.  
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  • I would think that if you are docking at a non US port that you would need one.
  • If you will be out of the country during the cruise, even if you start and stop at the same place, you will need a passport. 


  • regardless of where you leave from and come back to, you will still need to go thru customs aka you will need a passport. They changed the rule about it and everyone needs one as far as i know. Like recommended before you might as well get one, they are nice to have in those 'just in case' situations... 
  • You can get in and out of the US with no problems, but if you want to get off at any ports and THEY require you to have a passport then you need one.

    There is no definite answer on or regarding leaving and returning to the ship at a port of call because it is not a US requirement, it is the other governments requirement.

    It's safer to just have a passport.

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