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How can we be the same weight?

My co-worker and I were discussing our body image issues today, and she told me that she weighed 137, same as me. I didn't believe her, because she looks so tiny, and wears a size 4 in our uniforms, at 5'4". I wear a size 8, and am 5'8".

How can that be?

Re: How can we be the same weight?

  • You're two different people and one of you probably has more muscle.You also have two different body types.

  • It just depends from person to person. My friend actually weighs 15 pounds less than me. We are the same height and I am two sizes smaller than her. I work out. She doesn't.
  • LOL, I just had a similar moment a few weeks ago when DH's cousin told me her weight while discussing WW and my jaw hit the ground because I would have bet money she weighed less than I do.  She weighs 3 pounds more.  The strange part is that I work out like a fiend as compared with her, so I should have more muscle.  OTOH, I have a traditional hourglass shape, while hers is more boxy, so I can only assume her weight is in her mid-section.

  • It's really just a difference in body type/ frame.  I am almost your height at 5'7 and look quite thin at 137 and wear a size 4/6.   I weigh more than I look like I weigh; no one ever believes me when I tell them.

    ETA: BTW I am about 155 now and wear an 8/10 depending on the brand.  I haven't seen 137 in about 5 years :( 

  • I mean...she could be lying.  Right?

    But I know what you mean.  I weigh a good ten pounds more than people think I do (people usually guess 115; I weigh 125).  It's all in my calves!

  • In college, two other roommates all weighed the same as me, 123 lbs. I am 5'4 and a size 2/4. Another girl was the same height but a size 8 and the other girl was 5'9'' and a size 2/4. We all had very different body types. It just goes to show that weight isn't everything
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  • I know what you mean, my sister is about 30lbs less than me and is way huge.  I am much leaner, not that I am not overweight but not like her.  And I wear a much smaller size in clothes.
  • I'm very close to your height and weight (5'5", 139 lbs) and I wear a size 6 pant and small size tops. I have a medium frame, I'm pear shaped, and I have a lot of muscle in my legs. Fat and muscle weigh the same, but muscle will make you look leaner.
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  • I weigh the same as you and am 5'5" and I wear a size 6.  I see pictures in magazines of people who weigh the same as I do but they are much leaner.  I carry my weight around my midsection. 

    A friend of mine recently lost weight and needed new clothes.  I asked her what size she had because I was interested in her old clothes.  I couldn't believe it when she said that she was a 6 because she looked thinner than me even before she lost the weight. 

  • At one time I was the same size as DH. We were both around 145.

    He is 6"0 and I am 5'5. It can happen. I have boobs, he doesn't. I have a little tush and he does not. He is genetically very thin.

    Now there is 10 lb difference between us, which I am grateful for and I will take any more distance between his weight and mine. He is about 150 and I am around 140. 

  • It just differs from person to person. It can depend on your build, how much muscle you have, etc. I'm 5'4" ish and weigh between 140-143 right now and I'm a between a 4 and a 6 in pants. I have a medium build and am pretty muscular and people never believe me when I say I weigh as much as I do. Even at my very heaviest after pregnancy (a little over 180) I was only a 10 or 12. My sister, on the other hand is about 3 inches shorter than I am, at least 20 lbs lighter than me and we wear the same size right now. She looks so much smaller than me though...she has a tiny little frame. Nature is weird like that I guess.
  • It happens Stick out tongue

    At 125lbs I weigh less than a lot of women I know, but they still wear smaller pants sizes than me because they carry their weight in their midsection and I carry mine in my hips/thighs.

    Nevermind me, I'm too distracted by my mini-carrots to think properly image
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