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When you travel for work, do you take JJ?  Also, does Joe ever take JJ for the week since you two are living a part?  Or are you basically single parenting him until you two live in the same city?

I know this is nosy, but I've been thinking a lot about kids and having kids, but I have some concerns about my job and traveling.  Just wondering from someone with experience.

Feel free to PM me your answers if you want.

Re: *Ebonie*

  • I don't mind answering at all! Warning: this is gonna be long. :P

    Let's start from the beginning. For my job, I recruit in the state of Kansas and also help with the recruitment of high-achieving students. I mainly recruit in Wichita, which is only two hours when I have to make high school visits, I make them ALL day trips. I drop JJ off, leave at 8 a.m., drive up there, visit a couple of schools and am back by 5 p.m. to pick JJ up. When I'm gone, I have two emergency contacts who work at OSU that can pick him up for any reason at all.

    When I have to be gone late at night or overnight, I pretty much require my job to give me four weeks' notice so that I can make arrangements. I am VERY lucky that my parents also live in Lawton [close to Joe], so the three of them decide who's going to take off work and watch him. Most times, they split working half a day and then taking the rest of the day off with him. JJ doesn't have a primary daycare in Lawton, so my parents and Joe either have to take off work or take him to work with them when he's down there.

    During the weeks I don't travel, I'm a single parent. Joe NEVER keeps him during the weeks I get to stay put - one, because of JJ not having a daycare in Lawton, and two, because I feel more comfortable having my son with me up here. JJ and I have a pretty good routine set up by this point, and he needs that same routine and structure - otherwise, he gets really crabby. My work's really flexible, too, so if JJ gets sick, they let me take off without asking any questions. Joe's job isn't like that - they only gave him two days off when JJ was born and said he'd lose his job if he took any more days off. Jerks. However, JJ and I spend a lot of weekends in Lawton with Joe, so we get uninterrupted family time in most weekends from Friday night to Sunday night. We take advantage of it every way we can.

    I hope this answers your questions - sorry it's so long! It IS hard, having to travel so much and leaving JJ with my parents and Joe for days at a time, but at least he's with people that I trust with everything I have. Our schedule is complicated, but we make it work, and JJ doesn't even know the difference - he's adjusted really well to everything. :)


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  • thank you for sharing.  it sounds like you have a very happy, well adjusted, loved little boy!
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