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confession: I have no motivation to dress up tomorrow

I'm not a huge Halloween fan No H is though. Cool

I have costume for tomorrow and have parties to attend (1 today 2 tomorrow) but I have zero motivation to get dressed up.Confused

My costume is way cute it's a Greek goddess little number but all the parties that are planned are outside and I know I'm going to be cold the whole night.

I know I sound like wet blanket whiny baby but I'd rather just be in my jeans and be comfortable damn it.Storm

I am considering changing my outfit last minute to something warmer. So I need ideas... Big Smile

If you're dressing up tomorrow what are you wearing?

Is your outfit comfortable?


Re: confession: I have no motivation to dress up tomorrow

  • Tomorrow I'm going to be Kate Gosselin. It's an awesome costume because I can wear some of my normal clothes and be totally comfy! Yes

    I'm dressed up today and also in my own clothes and totally comfy! Yes

    image image image
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Lucky.

    You're super hot as Rosalie good call on that again. :)

  • I'm going to be a flapper. I have a sleeveless thin dress so I'm thinking I'm going to be a bit chilly. At least it's not super short. I'd much rather be in jeans and converse, but I do love dressing up so it'll be worth it. 
  • i have less than zero excitement for halloween.  i really couldn't care less.

    [the bliz-og]
  • could you wear a long white shirt under your costume? that's what I'm doing today - my costume is a sleeveless dress so I put a white tee under it.
    merry everything!
  • I may be a hooker.  I'll just be at home, so it's ok.
  • I have zero desire to dress up but we also have nowhere to go.  Luckily, DH dislikes the idea of dressing up as much as I do.  However, at school this week he had to dress up every day to try to win his kids an ice cream party.  Other classes cheated (said people were dressed up when they weren't) but he was not going to be the one responsible for his kids not getting free ice cream.  This week was torture for him. 

    I did not even want to hand out candy if anyone even comes to our door.  He had me buy candy (he's paying for it) to put in a bowl outside our door.  I already told him some a**hole kid will take it all but he does not care.  I have serious bah humbug issues with this holiday. 

  • image Wan-naBe:

    i have less than zero excitement for halloween.  i really couldn't care less.

    Totally this. I bought the costume for the princess and am taking her trick or treating.  End of story. Bring on Turkey Day!

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