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Hey- quick question- is Nora S. still the person I should send a request letter to for your workplace?  I checked the website, but no luck.
Aisling Rose 8/8/10
Declan James 9/18/12

Re: *Jewels*

  • Yep!  PM me the name of the org, so I can give her a heads-up it's coming so I can tell her to do it.  We get so many requests, so it helps when I can say it's for a friend. 

    How is Max doing?  I ended up missing Pug-o-ween!

  • Thanks!  I'll PM you in a sec.

    Pug-o-Ween was so cute- I posted pics on my FB.  We're going to another dog Halloween thing in DC tomorrow too.  I'm pathetic.  Max is much better- finally himself.  Still some breathing issues, but really, that's just a pug thing.  Any luck getting Mr. Jewels to get a cute little pug yet?

    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
  • I don't think I saw the FB pics, I'll have to check them out!
  • Sorry nest puke...

    And on the dog front, Mr. Jewels still does not want a dog right now.  I honestly don't blame him, he's just trying to be the reasonable one in the relationship.  Once we move into a different house and have a yard, I think it will make sense.  I don't think that's happening anytime soon though since we're about to refinance our house and for it to be worth it, we need to stay there another 2-3 years I think.  =(

  • Do what I did.  Forge his name on adoption papers! 

    Then again, be prepared for it to be your fault every time said dog pees on the carpet, cries, wakes you up in the night, has to go to the vet...

    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
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