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I know there have been other posts regarding Yaz but when I searched there were no results, so I apologize if this has been posted before.

I've been on Seasonique for just over 2.5 years. I was on the depo shot for 2 years before that. Pretty much the entire time I've been on Seasonique (and probably even when I was on depo) I've had absolutely no sex drive. I never want it. And I just got married in June so that's definitely a problem. I feel so bad for my husband. I also find it impossible to lose weight. I've been working out 6 days a week for about 2 months now and quit drinking pop about a month and a half ago and it hasn't helped one little bit. And when I was off birth control for about 2 weeks once (because I ran out and hadn't gotten more yet) I lost 10 pounds. So I called my dr yesterday and he gave me 2 months of samples of Yaz because it is a lower dose of hormones. The nurse said everyone has really liked it but I guess I'm worried because I've heard so many terrible things about Yaz. And that could just be because generally people who are unhappy are way more likely to give an opinion than those who are happy. So my questions is, for those of you who've tried Yaz (or know someone who has), what did you think? Thanks!

Re: Yaz

  • I loved it. Everyone reacts differently because everyone's body chemistry is different. I needed more estrogen in order to have a period (aka, in order for me not to freak out and pee on a stick every effin month) so I switched to Yasmin. Also love it. Just try it.
  • image AF_EOD_wife:
    I loved it. Everyone reacts differently because everyone's body chemistry is different. I needed more estrogen in order to have a period (aka, in order for me not to freak out and pee on a stick every effin month) so I switched to Yasmin. Also love it. Just try it.

    Thanks! I know everyone reacts differently to different things. I've just heard so many negative things about it that it worried me just a little. I'm definitely going to try it though.

  • I took yaz for years and loved it. It was the only pill that didn't make me feel icky all the time.
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  • I loved Yaz, but at the advice of my gyno, I switched to a different pill. I'm sure you know that Yaz has recieved some flack recently for safety issues?

  • The first time I was on YAZ I found it was fine, no side effects, but didnt help with much of all it promised.  So since I went off cause I was sick of taking a pill every day and then just tried it again a couple months ago.  It gave me the most horrible case of raging hormones I had to go off it 2 weeks later.  So good luck.
  • I havent been on Yaz that long- about 7 months and I have loved every moment of it! My periods are better. I feel more in control around "that time" of my emotions and everything! I have had a very positive experience with it. Other thing I have used and I loved was the Nuva-Ring. I know thats another one with mixed reviews. However, I did end up getting pregnant on it- I did with Orth-cyclen tho before.. Im just fertle I guess. LOL
  • I've only been married for a month and a half, but I've been on Yaz since May to get my body ready for sex after the wedding.  The first couple months of taking it I felt very nauseous all the time, especially in the morning and in the car, to the point of vomiting on a routine plane trip.  Around August the nausea seemed to disipate and now I feel fine.  I also noticed more mood swings and depressed thoughts during that time frame as well.  Months later I feel fine but I'm wondering if it hasn't dampered my sex drive too.  Also after the honeymoon I went through a long stretch of time that to have sex hurt me so bad, but I'm not sure if that is from Yaz or not.  One good thing, I didn't notice any weight gain, although my husband thinks my boobs might be bigger...:)  I really hate birth control altogether, but I do NOT want to get pregnant for a long time so if anyone has a reliable natural method let me know please....

  • Yaz was the first BCP I ever tried. I know everyone reacts to meds differently, but it was a total miserable experience for me. I spotted every single day..more than just a little bit. Like I had to wear a liner every day. And they refused to switch me to something else until I tried it for 90 days. 6 weeks in, I was dying to switch, but toughed it out for all 90 days with no improvement. Not to mention, I had crazy mood swings, far worse than any I had when I was not on the pill. And now, with the flack Yaz is getting, I wouldn't be in a hurry to start it. Do some research, ask some friends, find out what is working for them. I am on Apri/Desogen and absolutely love it. Good luck!
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  • I've been on Yaz for a little over 2 months.  So far, I love it, except that the first month I spotted all month.  That was the first time that had ever happened to me when switching pills. 

    Also, prior to me taking Yaz I had extreme (like no joke wanna cut my uterus out) cramping.  Since taking Yaz I can get by with just a couple of Tylenol....good luck!

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