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What's up for the weekend? Any fun Halloween plans? Are you dressed up at work today? Devil

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  • Yay Halloween weekend! I'm dressed up like Rosalie from Twilight today. Yes

    Tonight: Running a bunch of errands, then hopefully going out and doing something. Not sure yet.

    Saturday: Pre-party at our friends' house, then going to some silly club. I know the pre-party will be more fun.

    Sun: Rest and recover

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  • TGIF!

    I am wearing my twister costume today, although the head piece elastic thingy is really starting to bug me.

    tonight: relaxing

    tomorrow: cooking, hanging out with neighbors and handing out candy

    sun: no clue

    I'm looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend!

    merry everything!

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  • Happy Friday everyone!

    Fri: Trying out a new recipe and watching a movie

    Sat: drinking lots of wine and handing out candy

    Sun: relaxing

    Don't forget to set your clocks back tomorrow!

  • Today I have a bunch of running around to do. Tonight we'll be hanging out with some friends and their kids.

    Saturday: Trick or Treating with all the little ones.

    Sunday: Relax! I have a lot going on in November so I'm goig to enjoy each day that I have nothing planned. 

  • Yay TGIF!

    Tonight: Cleaning

    Saturday: Having friends over, lots of drinking, and handing out candy

    Sunday: Maybe Disneyland

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  • TGIF!

    Tonight: Laziness

    Tomorrow: Not sure what our plans are. Still crossing my fingers H doesn't want to go to that party.

    Sunday: Heading out to LA to see Cirque Dreams: Illuminations, followed by an early dinner somewhere nearby.  

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  • I called in sick yesterday and today.  =)

    No real plans.

  • TGIF!

    Tonight: karoake party with DHs former coworkers

    Sat: Run, Wine tasting and handing out candy

    Sun: studying and cleaning

  • Yeah weekend!

    Tonight: meet up with a friend after work and just hango ut

    Saturday: Zombie run/walk in Silver Lake and then headed to WeHo for some halloween shenanigans

    Sunday: Celebrate a very special birthday

  • Yay Friday!

    Tonight: Dinner and movie night with one my best friends

    Saturday: Errands and cleaning, taking the princess trick or treating

    Sunday:  Nothing planned, hopefully a chill day

  • I am just stoked that this week is nearly over.

    Tonight I am finishing up my wicked dessert menu for party tomorrow.

    Tomorrow -Friends and neighbors coming over for a semi-Halloween Party at our house. I say "semi" because I am not dressing up and I am not going all out event-planner style.

    Sunday is my 2nd 4D ultrasound. They didnt get a good enough shot of little P's face so they are bringing me back for another free session. LOVE THIS. Then parents are coming over and we are attacking a few nursery things.



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  • TGIF!!

    Friday: Hopefully catching up on the DVR

    Saturday: the babe hasn't been feeling well.  we'll probably dress her up and take her by the grandparents in costume and that's about it.

    Sunday: family pics (yay!!) and start thinking about packing for our vacation next week.

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  • Tonight: Carving pumpkins, watching movies.
    Saturday: Handing out candy, visiting family with Bella in costume, late night happy hour (tradition).
    Sunday: Hopefully getting R's old car listed for sale finally.. we bought our new car Labor Day weekend.

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  • Big loser who is not doing anything right here! MH has to work ( again!!) and pretty much everyone I know is sick. Me and the babe might go shopping if she ever gets over being fussy from her shots.
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  • i'm dressed up as an office manager who's freezing her ass off.  Stick out tongue

    tonight i'm working like a dog to get an invitation order outta my freaking hair.  and then tomorrow i'm delivering that ish and getting it out of the house.  we'll probably take the bean trick-or-treating in the downtown village area.

    sunday is our family photo shoot and i am super excited for it!  i love our photographer and she's going to do such a great job, it'll be the best yet.

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  • TGIF!!

    We have a party today and tomorrow..

    Sunday hopefully just relaxing at home.

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