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Halloween Plans??

Anybody have big plans for parties or trick or treating this weekend? :) I love that Halloween is on a Saturday this year! and we get the added bonus of the time change too!!

Re: Halloween Plans??

  • DH and I are lucky enough to have been invited to two parties, one tonight and one tomorrow! The one tonight is a friend of DH's and it's a potluck costume party! Tomorrow a close friend of mine (actually my MOH) is hosting a party!! I don't feel guilty at all leaving ouir house dark, because we didn't get a single trick or treater in the last 2 years!! (very sad!!)
  • We are taking Scarlett trick or treating at my parents. And going to take lots of pictures of her all dressed up. ?Tonight however is a friend of mine's 30th birthday party and we are all going dressed up.

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  • We're going to a costume party at some friend's house in Georgetown.  We are being Princess Peach and Super Mario.  I still need to get my crown and his mustache, but the costumes are pretty awesome. 

    I will be baking up a storm tonight and tomorrow in order to bring goodies.  Jack'o'lantern cake pops, homemade marshmallows, and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies!

    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • CBLCBL member
    My shower is tomorrow afternoon.  Since that's the longest I will have been upright and out of the house in 9 weeks, I'm pretty sure I'm going to come home and crash.  Then we'll sit out with the neighbours and hand out/eat candy.
  • I'm taking Austin out to some family's houses to 'trick or treat' then probably come home and see all the other cute kids!
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  • We've never been home for Halloween so we are going to do all the traditional stuff. Tonight we are going to carve pumpkins and watch a scary movie. Tomorrow I'm going to make chili, peanut butter brownies, and some kind of hard cider drink. I think we are going to get a ton of trick or treaters in our new neighborhood! All of our neighbors have gone all out with decorations so it should be fun just passing out candy! I'm dressing as a witch, DH is going to be a cop and our poor dog will be a lobster! Depending how late we stay up we might go out for drinks after and get a head start on our anniversary! Big Smile
  • I am having a last minute party... should be fun!!
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  • We're taking Andrew to the in-laws' in his Tigger costume in the afternoon, then BIL and my cousin are coming over to our place for pizza, candy, and scary movies. The latter is DH's idea of a new "tradition," which he started last year. No trick-or-treaters for us since we live in an apt where it's not allowed.
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  • Not much for plans - just handing out candy and then watching scary movies. pretty low key.  After a long week, this will be perfect.

    Raynes, I love your costume idea.  Did you make them yourself or buy them?  One year DH and I should do that, since we are big nintendo fans.

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  • We're planning on just relaxing tomorrow. We'll carve our pumpkin in the afternoon, give out candy, then we're going on a haunted walk tomorrow night.

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  • I went to a murder mystery

    it turned out I was the killer Sad  it was a total accident, he was my one true love... apparently I gave him rat poison instead of the intended love potion *sigh*

     lots of fun though, I'd never done a MM before, would totally do it again!

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