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Poll: Curly or Straight

Re: Poll: Curly or Straight

  • Mine depends on the humidity! It's wavy when humid or until I've brushed it, then straight (and frizzy!) :)
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  • Mine is naturally straight, but with loads of body. And I have to dry is fully to keep it straight. Otherwise, it becomes this flowing animal that I can't control.
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  • Mine depends on the cut. It had always been very straight until I got layers put in & now it kind of has a wave.
  • I was born with and as a toddler had lots of curls, no however my hair is totally straight.  My hair is super fine, so I guess the curl just can't hold with any length/weight.


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  • Poker straight!  Unless I curl it and then it's slightly wavy until it falls out 20 minutes later;-)
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  • I have curly hair...some ringlets though getting less as I get older (think the white hairs are more curvy than curly).  I rarely straighten it as I love my curly locks.
  • I have thick hair with a little bit of a wave.  I wish that I had discovered my hair straightener sooner!
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  • I said in between, because it's curly, but it's also extremely (like, "oh my god, I can't believe your hair!") thin. When it gets longer than about 3 or 4 inches, the weight of the hair itself pulls all the curl out. When I get my hair cut short, I warn hairdressers about this, but they never believe me. Then they cut my hair and go "holy &%?#! Where did all this curl come from?" Right now, it's effectively straight.
  • My hair and me have issues. First, I didn't have any (I was a very bald baby), when it grew it was very blonde and straight, it then turned very curly, only to then loose the curls and turn frizzy on the top and straight in the lengths. And it got darker over the years. Oh and very thin. Hate it.

    I have an appointment with yet another new hairdresser who will find herself with quite challenge! Wish me luck!

  • I've heard your hair changes w/ hormones, etc.  I think it has to be true... from birth to age 12-- I had poker straight hair.  13-18 crazy curly.  19-now (33)-- getting straighter again (basically wavy).
  • My hair is actually wavy/curly but not too many people actually know that because I always straighten it.  I wish I could just wash and go, but its just curly enough so I can't.  I feel like its just really big and poofy if I don't straighten it.  I cried one morning before school when my hair iron wouldn't turn on.  
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