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need ideas- care package

So, some of you may know one of my best friends mom has been battling cancer for a little over a year now...she was just moved back home and is on hospice care, as there is nothing more the doctors can do to treat the cancer (was in her lung, and then they found a lesion in her brain :( ). My friends been heading to her parents mid week, every week, and is mentally and physically drained, as I only can imagine.

One of my other really good friends had this happen to her father when she was younger and told me something one her  friends did was put together a care package for her. So, I figured I would look to you guys to figure out what I can throw in there. Here is what I have so far.


Suduko (sp?) puzzles (she likes this game),                                   Make her a lasagna or other casserole she can freeze or use to cook, Some health/fitness magazines since she likes those,                   Maybe some baking type stuff                                                       Maybe DVD's - I was thinking of shows she likes, like the office, 30 rock ?    

Some comfy pj's (she loves pj's...ha- her husbands name is even pj!)...

What else? 


On a side note, she and I went to dinner last night and had such a nice time chatting about fun times we've had over the years we've known eachother- and I get an email this morning from her just thanking me for spending time with her. It's so funny how  something that seems "so little" means so much.

Re: need ideas- care package

  • I think your ideas are great!  Does she like to read?  Maybe a "feel-good" book?  It would be good if she plans on sitting with her mom for longer periods of time, to just "be" with her. 

    Puzzles?  I know, kinda cheesy, but if her mom is able to, maybe they could do them together?

    Comfort foods....cookies, breads, hot chocolate?



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  • You are a great friend. All of those sounds like good choices.
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  • Great idea! If you didn't want to buy the DVDs you could get her a subscription to Netflix or Blockbuster.
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    We love and miss you Jillian (18w) and Peanut (6w). Welcome to our TAC miracle Jacob!
  • Sounds great, she will love it.  The only other thing I can think of is a feelgood book like Heather said, and some fancy chocolates or something...
  • image jerriesgirl:
    Great idea! If you didn't want to buy the DVDs you could get her a subscription to Netflix or Blockbuster.


    That's a good idea- I was concerned that could get pricey!! 

  • I think everything you mentioned sounds great. I think what I would call a beach read would be good. My MIL did tons of puzzles when her father was dying, she might like them too...I think spending time with her probably will be best thing for. Getting her mind off of everything she has going on.
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