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Pregnant Mommies or Mommies!

I have a question did any of you have GD or were you just diagnose? Or did you fail your 1 hr and pass your 3 hr.

    I have to go for my 3 hr test on Monday and I'm really nervous about it. I know I should read anything on it but I did and I Freaked myself out. Kevin yelled at me already LOL.

Re: Pregnant Mommies or Mommies!

  • I think it's relatively common to fail the 1hr and pass the 3.  I think Stellar did that?

    I passed the 1 hr, so I'm no help.

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  • I have GD, I took and failed the 1 hr test so i went back for my 3 hr and couldnt hold the stuff down past like 30 min. So they gave me the option to fast and take the test again or just follow this diet and take my sugar 4 times a day which i did and now i take my sugar 4 times a day and also have to give myself insulin morning and night. The diet is a PITA but it will be worth it in the end. I swear my son is giving me every complication in the book. First it was high BP but we have that under control with alot of meds and now GD under control for now with alot of meds.
  • oh but there is alot of people on thebump that have failed 1 hr and passed 3 hour so i wouldnt worry to much!
  • i take mine in 8 weeks! 
  • I failed the 1 Hr and passed the 3. 

  • Christina what was your number doy ou remember?
  • I have my one hour next week Thursday, but like the PPs said, I wouldn't worry. Even if you do have GD, it'll be ok! My mom had it with my brother and my good friend had it with both of her pregnancies. Inconvenient yes, but manageable Smile
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  • image aglauner:
    Christina what was your number doy ou remember?

    Honestly, I don't remember. :(

     Sorry I'm not much help 

  • I past the 1hour so I am no help.Sorry
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