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Seriously? Only me (f/u)

DH called me from the dealer. Apparently a partially-filled gas can in my trunk leaked out a bit. Yes, it's stupid I even have a gas can in my trunk, but it got switched over to the new car from the old car. I had it my old car because my gas gauge stopped working, and I was stranded on the road w/o gas twice, so I kept the stupid can just in case it ever happened again.

Service guy's solution? Febreze the crap out of the trunk!  

Only me. This is third in a line of embarrassing problems that have happened to me in the past three months. Some of you might remember the laptop/touchpad incident of September and the chicken helper kitchenfire of August.  I should not be allowed to touch anything.

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Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12

Re: Seriously? Only me (f/u)

  • Oh Mamie I get that!  Crap like that happens to me all the time.  I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious though.  Hope the febreze helps...
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  • Barb, is it weird I'm relieved to hear that you go through the same thing? At the end of the day I'd rather just be embarrassed than have it be a serious problem, but OMG what a morning I had today! I'm trying to air out the car now and periodically Febreze the trunk - at least until it starts raining again! 
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    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • that sounds just like me. i am habitually forgetful and a complete clutz. Yesterday I slept in about 45 mins, so i had to rush getting ready for work, and since i only had about 10 mins to get ready, i didnt really have a chance to "wake up" so i ran across the street for coffee before i left for work. I was carrying my purse, my coffee and a container of apple dumplings i was going to deliver to my sister at lunchtime. I fumble around for my car keys, and dump the FULL LARGE COFFEE down the front of me!! needless to say i had to go back up to the apartment to change, so i was even later. grrrrreat start to the morning. never got to drink my coffee and somehow i still smelled like a coffee shop all day.

    yeah. i'm awesome. 


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  • Oh Meg. Did you burn yourself??  However there are worse things to smell like than coffee. :)
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    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
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