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Do you and your spouse argue over...

Re: Do you and your spouse argue over...

  • Money, sex, and family are the top things couples fight over. We have debated over money in the past but we get over it.
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  • in my case it is more like discussion rather than argument. but we have argue alot about family(his).

  • We haven't had an argument over money yet.  We were pretty straightforward about our financial goals and we're pretty much on the same page.  We discuss and are very open about money and any worries/concerns/thoughts we have.  Family on the other hand... WWIII in my house.
  • This is a big deal in our relationship right now...
  • We have definitely had our share of arguements over money.  Nothing major, but it is one of our most fought over topics.  I'm surprised to see that at this point only about 50% of couples have admited to this...I would've thought that it would be more.
  • We don't fight because of the way we've set everything up. I decided early on that I didn't want to be the type of person to ever say: "You spent HOW much on THAT?!?" So, we have separate checking accounts and a single joint savings. Having separate checkings allow us to spend out "extra" money in any way we want. And I don't look at his and he doesn't look at mine. Totally guilt-free spending.

    That said, we do have the same financial goals. We are saving aggressively for nothing in particular other than to have money in the bank. We save for retirement, christmas shopping, vacations, just about everything. Having the ability to spend our own fun money lets us enjoy the cash without feeling limited.

  • Only because we have so much going on right now, and we still have separate accounts and havent combined yet.. once we do I think things will be easier to deal with.
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  • Money has been a big issue, as well as Family stuff.  Goals are roughly the same, but we've varied on the approach to get there.  Truthfully, there hasn't been enough "extra" per se to split into each others' personal accounts for personal spending.  It's a great concept and something I'd love to have when there's money to spare. 
  • I am really surprised so many people sad no.
  • We argue about finances a lot!  My husband doesnt seem to really understand what a fixed income entails.  Whenever we talk about financial whoes, he thinks that he will sell his paid-off car, and pay off my car with the money, and then buy a new car..and that somehow this will solve our financial problems.  He really doesnt get it sometimes.  Or he will go out TV shopping, eventhough the utility bills have yet to be paid.  It just irks me that he really does not have any financial responsibility.  This is why people should move in together before getting married; you get to see how people REALLY live.
  • we used to.. but now i handle all the bills and tell him what he has to spend. he's pretty easy going. i make sure the important things are taken care of and there's still a little money left to have some fun.?
  • We have a little bit especially since I'm a spender and he's a saver. He has been saving all his life for things like college where I did not start saving until high school, and even then I liked to spend my money on going out with friends or for other things. It has gotten better since we do communicate a lot about it, but it was rough there for some time. The key is open communication and an open mind. We've also argued quite a bit over the past month about family especially since we're living with my parents right now until we can get on our feet. That has brought some stress on us, but we're handling things pretty well right now.
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  • We've never fought about money. We are both very frugal people and are on the same page when it comes to finances. 
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