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ugh, it's christmas card photo shoot time

the hub is alllll about the matchy-matchy thing when it comes to what to wear in these annual shoots.  and after rejecting pasadena city hall as our location this year, we're heading up to the mountains since our fabulous photographer is cool with it (other photogs we've used weren't willing to go up there).

we've done red, white, and cream tops in previous years.  green is too freaking hard to match when you have a boy, a girl, a teen, and a bean to dress.  we'd settled on brown, but that'll totally blend in with a forest background.  blah.  got any suggestions on what we can rock in our photos this year?

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Re: ugh, it's christmas card photo shoot time

  • 2 words: Cosby sweaters.
  • What about navy blue? I love the look of coordinating outfits, not necessarily matchy matchy which may go against what your husband wants.

    Here's a family shoot that I've always liked:
  • I'm not a fan of the color brown, but what about dark gray with red and green accessories?

    ETA- unless it's a really cute leopard print dress.Embarrassed

  • How about a blue-tone? I like blue-green-grey, and I think it could look nice in a forest setting.
  • image themarshmalo:
    2 words: Cosby sweaters.

    Oooh this!! Yes

    I also think anything in the blue/green/teal family would work!

  • the hub was considering maybe just one of his light blue dress shirts that he wears to work and a pair of jeans.  great for him, but the rest of us have zero light blue attire and i was trying to avoid having to spend cash on something to wear this year.

    think light blue would be okay, or would we still blend into the background?

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    <a href="">[the bliz-og]</a>
  • I like the whole coordinate-without-matching look as well.

    Here is a photo of my sister's fam a couple of years ago. Lots of good earth tones.

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  • mix it up - he could wear light blue, you and the teen could wear navy, the bean in white.  or something like that.
    merry everything!

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  • Honestly, I love the look of different greens for a photo shoot. My girlfriend did it with her family last year and it looked fab. If the greens matched TOO well it would look lame IMO.  I'd try to see what you can find. You'd be surprised how great it would look.......especially with your families awesome dark hair!


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  • I get why you wouldn't want to wear the same color as last year, but I don't think anyone would remember your color scheme from 3 years ago. You'll have to recycle eventually, anyway. Smile
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  • Here's a shot with the different greens.


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  • What if you did different colors that just compliment each other. A light blue shirt could go with purple (like the shirt in the pic you posted), the teen in another color, then the bean in a dress that has combination of colors, for example.
  • You would stand out in brown if your are shooting in Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear, the water is crystal blue! I also like white shirts on holiday cards if you haven't done that yet.
  • What about persimmon/ cinnamon/orangey color scheme? This way you pop against the water and the green leaves.
  • HELL-O I just glazed right over your saying you've done white. I've finally killed too many braincells and my reading comprehension is shot. Don't do white, that is so last year!
  • Do red again.  It will pop best in the woods.
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