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What time is everyone leaving work today?

I'm feeling needy.

 I'm here til 530.

Re: What time is everyone leaving work today?

  • Around 5.

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  • I am exhausted and am dying to leave but I am stuck here until 5.
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  • Right after my boss leaves.
  • Zip it!

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • I can always count on at lease one person being here until at least 530.   Where is that person?
  • There is such a person?

    For your amusement:

    I have been dancing in my chair in front of the computer.  My co-worker just knocked on my door to tell me you can see me grooving from outside my office through what I thought was a frosted window.

    Apparently, you can still tell I'm dancing.


  • Nope....I'm outta here in less than 10 minutes.

    <a href="" target="new"> |My Food Blog| </a>

  • I'm hoping to leave at 4, but I may be stuck here longer if I don't get shiit done.
  • WM why are you so happy that you are dancing?
  • One of my colleagues and I have been trading CDs.  This CD he gave me is really good.

    I wish I'd known that he was so into music sooner.  Now we are going to trade every week.

  • I'm actually in the office today so I'm trying to convince myself to stay until 5 but I'm sure I'll leave by 430.
  • I'll say itfor the 100th time - I wish I had more flexibility with work scheduling.  I hate being here until 530.

    No one ever wants to trade music with me.

  • I'm aiming for 5, but mind is shutting down so I might now last that long
  • I'm home, in my pj's, drinking a glass of wine.  Big Smile
    merry everything!

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  • Man you guys are killing me.

     If I were a boss, I'd give my peeps a half day on Fridays.  Yes

  • Boss just left so soon
  • Loser always here at least as long as you on Fridays here.
  • I have Mondays off, but I'm here if you are!

    Edit: dang this post was from Friday? It is so slow around here these days!

  • <3 cat <3
    merry everything!

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