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Would you bring a gift to this event?

Really good friends of ours are having a combo 4th of July BBQ and 1st birthday party for their son.  There will be about 50 people, food, games for the kids and beer for the adults.  We'll probably bring some beer or a side dish or dessert of some kind.

 I have never been to a birthday party for a kid before, so I don't know the etiquette.  Would you bring a present for the kid?   I have zero time this week, so if I can skip a gift and not be totally tacky, I would be very happy, but I also don't want to be the only person there without a gift.

If I do have to get a gift, what should I get?  I will not be able to go to Target, so it has to be something that can be purchased in downtown DC (and yes I know there's a Target here now but it's still out of the way).


Re: Would you bring a gift to this event?

  • I'd bring a small gift, maybe a children's book?  (Books are my standard gift for any child)  Let me know if you need to know where the closest bookstore is to you Smile
  • yeah, if it's advertised as a 1st birthday party, i would bring a gift. hit a Barne's & Noble (I know there's one at 12th & E) and grab a bunch of cute kiddie books.  and a gift receipt in case of duplicates.
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  • Yeah, I'm a big advocate of giving kids books.  Since it's a combo party, I would bring just a few children's books as a gift.  Nothing too huge.  Sounds like fun!  :)
  • I think a book is a good idea. I'm sure some of the mom's on the board can recommend an appropriate book for a 1-year-old. I remember my friend's son really liked board books and the kind that can get wet for the tub. Maybe something 4th of July related?? I'm sure you can find them at any bookstore downtown.
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  • GO DOG GO (just a thought, and not too painful to read over and over again)
  • I agree with pp's, a present is appropriate.

    A book, Nationals t-shirt/hat, small toy, whatever you can easily acquire before the party.

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  • Ok...book it is.  Thanks ladies!
  • Love the books idea -- there's also a Borders at 19th-ish and L (it's a couple short blocks from Farragut North's L street exit).

    Also, many stores sell gift cards for other stores (the Safeway near us has a huge selection) - since you are really short on time, that may be the easiest option.

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  • I agree you should bring a small birthday gift. I have no idea what kind of kiddy things you can find in stores in your neighborhood, but a book is a good idea.
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  • Did I ever tell you I registered for and received those baby books from amazon.com you found?  "Baby, Mix Me a Drink" "Baby, Fix My Car"


    I LOVE THEM!  You could order those tonight and they'd be here quick if you don't want to go out. 

  • Any book by Sandra Boynton - Barnyard Dance, Belly Button Book, and Pajama Time would make a great set.  Also Dr. Seuss - Green Eggs and Ham never gets old to me.  Finally, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - my daughter is addicted to that.

    Or if you want to get a book that the kiddo will like later in life (can't follow the story at this point in time but...) Harold and the Purple Crayon and Where the Wild Things Are rock.

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  • I'd bring a toy for the baby or books
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  • Get a gift from the Spy Museum Gift Store. I have gotten my 3yr old nephew, 7yr old niece and 10yr old nephew gifts from there and they have loved all of them. They are unique and often educational.
  • I like the book idea and do agree that you should bring something little. Also agree that Where is Baby's Belly Button? or other books with flaps that they can lift are good for this age. Troy doesn't sit still for stories yet, but books with pictures (babies, animals, balls) and just a few words are his favorite now. One like that for now and a classic one for later would be good.

    They probably won't open the gifts while everyone's there with so many people, so don't worry too much about it.

    For a more sentimental gift for someone closer, I like the handprint tower sets. Probably too much and not enough time for this party, but something to keep in mind for any future first birthday parties.The kids save their handprints in plaster every year on their birthday from 1 to 5 years. Red Envelope has them on sale for 19.99 (plus shipping though). Your nemesis Target also has them.


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