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Public Bathroom Etiquette


Re: Public Bathroom Etiquette

  • image DaringMiss:
    I just wanted everyone to know that if I am ever in the stall next to them, I will pass toilet paper or even a tampon to a sister in need.

    I certainly see no problem passing TP under the stall to a person in need.  Yes, in some bathrooms you can see whether the toilet paper's empty, but sometimes with those multi-roll contraptions it's hard to tell until you're sitting down.

    However, I am astonished at the number of people who don't wash their hands -- blech.

  • image mattesmagic:

    my ethnicity alone, the fact that I continue to breathe at all is enough to offend some.  To bad, so sad (for those individuals, that is).  

    WTH does your ethnicity have to do with any of this?  Hmm

    In case you're wondering where everyone went:
  • I agree about the noxious sprays.  Those things are actually harmful to breathe.
  • Here's another-

    If youre in a stall doing your business, please lock the door!

    I used to work with a woman who would use the bathroom as an excuse to go somewhere and take a nap.  Our restrooms were like mini-bathrooms, with real floor to ceiling doors, and they would always shut on their own, whether occupied or not.  There were countless occassions when myself, or other co-workers would accidentally walk in on my sleepy coworker spread-eagle with her pants around her ankles completely asleep.  We always would knock prior to attempting to open the doors, but sleepy-girl would never answer (because she was sleeping...obviously).

     heres another-

    If you somehow manage to get sh!t all over the toilet, under the toiletseat, on the wall, whatever, clean it up!

    When I was in my teens, working in retail, I had to constantly clean up people's crap in the bathrooms.  Women seemed to be the worst about sh!tting all over the toilet and just leaving it there.  Gross.  No one wants to clean up your sh!t!!!

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