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Have we discussed Extreme Makeover: Home in MoCo?

I was wondering how people felt about this story. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/29/AR2008062901870.html

I didn't see the episode but after reading it in the Post, I'm amazed by this woman's generosity. I think she deserved this home and it was probably her only option before these kids were forced to go into foster care. I just hope that she continues to receive support from the community becaue I can only imagine how hard it must be to raise 14 kids on her own and maintain that house. These reality shows probably don't help with the "after" part.

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Re: Have we discussed Extreme Makeover: Home in MoCo?

  • In the "small world" category, I used to know the teacher who nominated the family.  He was the special ed resources teacher at my elementary school and the safety patrols sponsor (yes, I was always a geek - but I got to meet the governor and stuff as a patrol). 

    I'd be worried about property taxes and that kind of thing - they won't be small, and I don't know that her part-time job is going to get too far, especially when she'll be busy trying to feed 15 people.  Also, one article in the Gazette gave the specific address of the place - isn't that a really bad idea? 

    Hopefully now that they're all getting a little older, they'll be able to help her maintain the house.  But I don't know how anyone raises one child on their own, much less 14 - I can't imagine how difficult that must be.


  • I'm always worried about these places being robbed/burglarized after all the publicity.
  • i'm glad that these folks got a home and i hope the Bethesda residents that opposed giving them an existing vacant house feel like a$$holes:



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  • also, not related to this family, but am i the only one that finds this show extraordinarily wasteful? it makes me so angry to see a perfectly suitable house in need of minor renovations get completely demolished for a mansion with five washing machines. i know sometimes the utilities, taxes or mortgages get paid off for the family, but the houses just seem so excessive to me.
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  • eeclem - totally agree with you.  (Although, you could argue that a family of 15 will actually use all that space.)  But overall, I think the show goes for the wow factor, as opposed to what is really needed.  Which is why you then get people who can't afford utilities for these massive places and things like that.  I wonder how much they incorporate green building practices? 

    Some of the places they demolish really do need to go (there was one that had a massive mold problem, among other things), but they built something 4 times its size in its place.  Which didn't go with the neighborhood in which it was built and was probably hugely expensive to own.  I think people's hearts are in the right place, but they don't seem to understand that more isn't always better - sometimes it's just more. 

    (And also agree about the people in Bethesda.)

  • Most people have a really hard time paying the taxes on these places.  Not just property taxes, which you can't really get around, but INCOME taxes for the huge windfall you get from the show.  The show gets around it by a loophole in the tax code, but it's long been questioned.  It's the same reason that every single HGTV Dream Home winner has had to sell.  It's kind of a mixed blessing.

    The most interesting thing about that article was the mention of the other house that the county had tried to set her up in.  I read a story about that a while back. I that story they just painted her as a woman on welfare with 14 kids. The story completely failed to mention that she had adopted 10 of them under the circumstances that she did.  (Now I see a pp already linked to the story).

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