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Bee Stings

Okay, so last night, i got my first bee sting and hit hurt like a biotch.

How long does it stay red and swollen and hurt?? Cause my toe looks like a little vienna sausage. I can't even walk on it.


p.s. the stinger is still in my toe

Re: Bee Stings

  • Girl - get the stinger out!  Right after a bee sting you should try to get the stinger out.  Keep in mind the stinger still pumps venom after it's pulled out of the bee, so use a credit card or something similar to scrape the stinger out.  You're good now to just use a tweezer.  Baking soda paste is a good thing to put on to help pull out the poison.  Otherwise, Benedryl and ice.
  • do you have a first aid kit? I know they have these suction things in them to get a bee's stingers out. It's a lot like the booger things for babies.
  • Miriam is dead on with her advice.  Get that stinger out!!  It will keep pumping venom in and irritating it.  Don't pull it out though, do like she mentioned and use a credit card or something to scrape it out.  Baking soda paste is good as is (of all things) tobacco.  When we lived in NC the common (and working) treatment was to pack chewing tobacco over the sting as it would suck out the poison.  I was skeptical but it worked!  You can also do it with a cigarette but you need to moisten it a bit first.

     Good lucl, bee stings suck!

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