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Ummm Val...

I just burned my belly with the hot water from the spaghetti I just made. Right now it's just three red spots. Let's hope it goes away.

I astound myself with my dumbshittness daily.

Re: Ummm Val...

  • Aw crap. I am sure it will go away soon. You didn't spill any hot water on you, right? OUCH!
  • Yes, I splashed the boiling hot water on my belly.

    I can just see George shaking his head when I tell him tonight. Trust me he wont be surprised.

  • : ( I am pretty clumsy too. At leaest you have the pregnancy to blame it on!
  • Ouch!

    Oh, and is dumbshittness a new word I haven't been informed of. ;)

  • Might be new to you but I have been using it to describe my unique ability to screw things up for some time now. Stick out tongue

    and the burned spots are small now. Might be gone by tomorrow even.

  • Yes, new to me. But a good solid word. Worthy of webster
  • Ouch! At least it wasn't hot oil. There's always a bright side, right?

    Dumbshittness, I love it. It's right up there with Truthieness.

  • Holy crap! Well i'm right there w/you. I took off my diamond necklace last night while on the phone on our patio. keep in mind we're on the 2nd floor & our patio has gaps. so about an hour later i realized i didn't know where i left my necklace. there it was dangling by the diamond just about to fall!

    paul wasn't suprised either :p

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