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POLL: Holiday Stress


Re: POLL: Holiday Stress

  • Timing all the cooking for Thanksgiving stresses me out.  I usually make a very detailed list of times various things need to be in and out of the over, to get dinner on the table by mid afternoon.  And this year I have a double oven so I can't wait to cook!

  • Gifts stress me out! I'd rather not buy them for people and not get them from people. I would like Christmas to be about being with family & good food but here we are stressing out how we are going to afford the presents we need to buy on 12 income & unemployment.

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  • 1. Having to travel around on holidays when time is tight (I usually don't have the entire week of the holiday off; maybe one day or two - so it's not very relaxing to spend it on the highway driving).

    2. Trying to figure out gift ideas for adult family members. I rather just exchange gifts with my husband and then get gifts for our nieces and nephews now. I just have a really hard time coming up with gift ideas and also giving people ideas for what I want when they ask me for ideas as well.

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  • Sitting down to what should be a nice family holiday across from people I can't stand!  SIL, future SIL, BIL, and 90% of my father's family to be specific. 

    But, this year no stress, we leave for Jamaica day after Xmas for a week!!! They can all bite me!

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