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Been married just over a month, and have been asked twice when we where going to TTC. REALLY PEOPLE!

And this is just going to get worce huh? 

Re: Why?

  • Yes it will. 

    Are you under 30?  Because if you are, wait until you turn 30 without any sign of kids.

  • 26 soon to be 27

    so omw up there hehe 

  • Ahhh - welcome home, honey :) lol 

    I'm 27, will be 28 on the 28th, and until my little sis had her first back in April, I got this question ALL the time.  Heck, even from my older brother, who NEVER prys into my personal life.

    People will continue to ask - some just have no tact.  I find it best to settle on a couple different responses:

    one to really tacky, rude people who have no business asking oO(I'll let you know as soon as H and I start having unprotected secks)

    one to sweet people who you don't want to talk about it with oO(We want to have some time together before starting a family) OR oO(We don't plan on having children).

    Good luck, hun!  I know it's frustrating :(

  • I'm getting it at nearly 37.  My best friend last night told me that I still have time to have kids.  It was possible.  I'm not so sure she was pleased with my answer:

    "It IS possible but only if we both fall on our heads and get brain damage."


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • My FIL actually asked us if we havn't had kids because of marriage problems. 
  • image MaineWifey:
    My FIL actually asked us if we havn't had kids because of marriage problems. 

    OH WOW! I'm pretty sure my FIL  may ask us that sometime...soon....


    PPR You're going to 28 on the 28th of October? That's our wedding anniversary! Great day!


    I just turned 27 and I'm feeling a bigger push from not only the husband...but all my friends that are popping one out. 

  • Welcome to the club of people who want to enjoy their marriage for more then five seconds.

    Luckily, my immediate family isn't pushing me or questioning which is nice :)

  • I've been married 3 1/2 years and I don't think I've gone a single day without someone asking me when we are having kids. Even though I always answer, "never."
  • the worse part is I have always wanted kids and everyone knows that... but I spent the last 2 YEARS of my relationship with my hubby long distance I'm ready for some just me and him time. 


    Though as I was writing this my best friends 4 year old asked me for a playmate for her hahahaha 

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