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My Feedback to Building Management

They sent an email about the week that they turned off the lights and the a/c saying that they doubled their goal of energy conservation and that they are going to permanently implement some of the procedures going forward, what did we think?  This was my response: (I already sent it, so too late now, but WDYT?)

Congrats on your success.  As far as feedback this is how we felt (not me alone, the office in general):

 It was entirely too hot to limit the a/c in the building for that time of year.  I am not sure if it was off completely or just barely on, but it was horrible to walk through the hallways which were both hot and stuffy.  I believe it was 105 that week.

 We pay a great deal of money to have a professional looking office in a nice building.  We have meetings with managing partners of many of the top law firms in the area as well as well as clients who trust us to take care of their assets.  Walking into darkened hallways, looks extremely unprofessional and leaves the impression that we cannot take care of our own assets let alone anyone else?s. 

 I appreciate the mission of reducing energy usage, however I also believe there is a time and a place for it and if this cannot be done in a matter that is conducive to your tenants maintaining their professional integrity, then it is not worth the money saved.

Re: My Feedback to Building Management

  • What you said was PERFECT!

    Seriously I would have raised up if I was in your building!

  • Excellent, I think! Do you lease office space from building management? Or is the management just a separate group within your company?

  • image jweat013:

    Excellent, I think! Do you lease office space from building management? Or is the management just a separate group within your company?

    Separate from our company completley, we just lease space here.

  • I think its perfect. ?And very well written. ?I probably would have just said "Are you flippin' serious azzwipes? ?We're outta here!"
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  • DEFINITELY since you just lease the space, they need to know that it is not ok! It's one thing if it's your own company making that kind of decision, but it's entirely different when it's another company. . . With the high rate of office vacancies these days (in my area, anyway), I would think they would want to do everything in their power to make their tennants happy. Is there anything in your lease with them that mentions climate control or lighting? If I had the power, I would be threatening to move my a$$ out of that building!

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