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MIL Vent

So, I stayed home from work tonight with a migraine. Woke up around 8, made a couple solos and a 1/2 pb sandwich for dinner. Keep in mind I had the kitchen window open while cooking. I washed all the dishes, dried them and put them away.

So MIL gets home ( I can't wait until our flat is ready to move into!) and calls me downstairs into the kitchen. She lectured me for a half hour on putting HER clothes away when I decide to cook. Oh, and about leaving the kitchen window open while cooking, and cleaning the oven. She threw in the gem of "If you're ever renting from someone and you don't keep their kitchen clean, they won't give you the deposit back"

Seriously? I had no idea Confused. I had planned on scrubbing the oven out with vinegar/water after it was cooled. I'm not even the one who cooks on the oven racks without pans! That's my DH's department. GRRR! I'm so tired of being bytched at because of something her "angel" of a son does.

Then theres the snide remarks about how lazy, stupid and "american" I am. It just ticks me off.


Re: MIL Vent

  • image muffie1303:

    "If you're ever renting from someone and you don't keep their kitchen clean, they won't give you the deposit back"

    Then theres the snide remarks about how lazy, stupid and "american" I am. It just ticks me off.

    I think we have the same MIL!

    She always says stupid things that are common sense to me, like I don't understand.

    When DH and I first moved to Miami MIL had found us our apartment. When we went to meet the Land Lady for the first time MIL came with us. She was a sweet Argentinian lady. As we were walking up the stairs to get up to our apt. MIL grabs my arm and says, "Oh. Thank God! I thought she was going to be some American lady!" Then I think she saw the look of shock on my face. The only excuse she could come up with was, "Well, you know what I mean." No actually I didn't. That is why I hated Miami though, everyone thinks like that. They talk about Americans like we can't understand them, and a lot can't, but I understand every word of Spanish that comes out of their ungreatful mouths. If you hate America and Americans so much leave! 

  • She tells me I need to be more "british". Seriously, who the hell is she to tell me to be more british?? Her entire family (except her children) all came from Hong Kong, don't speak much english, and pretty much hate all white people.

    I always wondered why my DH has a crappy relationship with his parents. Now I know why.

  • Sorry girl, you just have to get out of that house ASAP!!!
  • DH owns a building in the city center, but it's being renovated. The contractors are putting down new floors, installing the new kitchen and getting everything up to code.

    Our estimated date that we can finally move into the flat is Jan 6th. I'm hoping everything works out sooner than that!

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed, rub my lucky rabbits foot, and send {{{{{{tons of nestie vibes}}}}}}} for you. If you think about it it's not that much longer.... ok it kind of is in this situation, but I am trying to make you feel better. GL with that over the holidays....
  • You poor thing.  What a nasty woman.  Crossing fingers and toes for you that the renovation work ends much sooner (or that you can move in even if some of it is still going on...which I would seriously consider!!!).
  • Aieeee!

    Holy MIL... I guess she's training you up then?  Seriously, I don't know how you do it, but snaps to you for grinning and bearing it. Are there any other options for you and DH while you wait?

    I'm going to send you good vibes. Hang in there....

    This too shall pass! 

  • Fingers and toes crossed that you can get out of there and into your own place asap!! (This won't be helping morning sickness!!!) *hugs*
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's so funny that they are from Hong Kong but are bugging you to be more British! 

    Your MIL from hell gets a gold star for that one! 


    Chronically hilarious - you'll split your stitches!
    I wrote a book! Bucket list CHECK!
  • Thanks for being so supportive, ladies! I do really appreciate it.

    I had a freak out at DH last night, and he decided that if I find a flat (which I did today) that was within our budget while the renovation was going on, we'd move ASAP. So, our new move date is the beginning of November, after my 12 week scan.

    All that's left to do is start buying a few pieces of cheap furniture.

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