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Nosy question

If you don't mind answering--

How much do you pay for 6 mos. car insurance?

Are you fully covered?

What is your deductible?

Who do you have as your insurance agent?

I'm aware that my driving record is different than yours, but I'm just curious. Thanks ladies.

Re: Nosy question

  • For mH and I:

    1. $632.10

    2. Yes, our coverage is

    Bodily injury: 50/100

    Uninsured Motorist: 50/100

    $50/day rental

    also includes roadside.

    3. $500

    4. Geico. It's probably not as good as some other Ins companies, but it's the cheapest I could find.

     mH drives an 01 Blazer, I have an 08 A6.

    ETA, you know I live in the 'hood, so I am sure that makes our premium higher.



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  • Weird, I have my insurance renewal in front of me now and they break it down to individuals so maybe this will be more helpful

     Yes I have full coverage.

    For my car for 6 mos I pay $359 I have an 03 Corolla

    $500 deductible car rental benefit is $40 per day

    I have Mercury Ins. Roadside I use AAA.


  • 1. $1500ish for the year

    2. Yes, our coverage is

    Bodily injury: 100/300

    Uninsured Motorist: 100/300

    some rental provision

    also includes roadside.

    3. $500

    4. AAA

    I have a 2000 Bentley Stick out tongue; H drives new Tacoma.

    Tacomas apparently are the most stolen vehicles so...

  • image LuckyYoungBride:

    If you don't mind answering--

    How much do you pay for 6 mos. car insurance? $140/ month for 2 cars

    Are you fully covered? yes

    What is your deductible?$500

    Who do you have as your insurance agent? Our insurance is through Infinity Auto

    This is for an 07 Tundra and an 06 Expedition

  • I would totally answer you, but I have no idea. 
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  • 550.00/6 mos

    Yes, fully covered

    500.00 deductible

    State Farm

    My insurance dropped about $50.00/6 mo period since moving to FL so it was a bit more out there, but not much.

    I drive an 06 Nissan Maxima

  • For MH and I:

    $660 for an '08 Subaru Impreza and an '09 Honda Pilot

    Yes.  $300K bodily, $100K property damage, $300K uninsured/underinsured motorists.  Plus rental reimbursement.

    $500 for both comprehensive and collision


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  • $1500 for 6 months Indifferent



    I'm insured through GMAC, my agent is some random place

  • For R & I:

    $650 for six months (Mercury)
    Yes - 2000 Ford Expedition, 2008 Toyota Prius
    50/100/50 with matching limits for underinsured & uninsured motorist, rental car coverage ($50 daily)
    Went through Mercury's website since I don't have them as one of my carriers. I shop around my coverages usually at policy renewal.

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  • image Young_Love:
    I would totally answer you, but I have no idea. 

    ha - this!

    merry everything!

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