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Prayers Please -Thanks in Advance.

My uncle had a heart attach last night.  Him and my aunt were supposed to be flying out to Hawaii with my mom on Friday for an 8 day vacation.  Luckily this happened close to home where he could be treated versus in the air but bummer regarding vacation.


Anyway, he will be having surgery.  One of the valve's(?) is clogged 95% so when they get in there, they will decide if he needs a by-pass or not.

I'm not sure when the surgery is exactly but thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

On the other side, mom my feels guilty about going to hawaii now with my other aunt who was going but I told she still needed to go and enjoy herself.  We will definately all be praying the Lord keeps watch over him.

Re: Prayers Please -Thanks in Advance.

  • I'm sorry, that's always scary.  I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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  • Prayers are definitely with you and your family!!
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  • Who is his doctor and where is he going to have surgery?  I work on the heart team at Bergan...


    Lots of thoughts and prayers your way! :)

  • Praying!  Not that I'm glad this happened at all, but thank goodness it did while he was on the ground and in his own city.  Keep us posted please!
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  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • Keeping you and your in my thoughts!
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