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feeding advice

E has become a very picky eater at dinner.  There are not specific foods she won't eat, but one night she'll decide she doesn't want to eat that food.  She throws it all on the floor.  Is she too young to just go without dinner?  I hate to get in the habit of feeding her something else because I don't want to make something separate for her every night, but I don't want her to go hungry also.  I try to hold off on her milk until the very end, otherwise she will drink all of her milk and eat nothing.  Advice?

Re: feeding advice

  • Though a few months younger, Jack is doing the same thing.  It's hard not to go get him his damn goldfish crackers after he doesn't eat his real dinner!  I just hold onto the hope that he will start to like the foods we're giving him know, that "it takes a kid's palate 4-5 times of trying something to like it..." crap.  ;)  

    I am strictly against picky eaters but, like you, I just want to make sure he's getting enough calories!  I plan on talking to his pedi next week at his 1-year appointment about it.  I'll let you know if she's got any magic up her sleeve.

  • its sometime around this age that they don't need as many calories or something because all my kids did this too.  And honestly, I think it just seems weird at first because we are so used to them eating EVERYTHING we put in front of them, or offer them or whatever. 

    My advice--don't make a big deal of it...they eat when they are hungry and probably have habits we should mimic....we eat because its lunch time even if we aren't hungry sometimes, right???

    I refuse to short order cook for my kids.  They get what I make.  The rule in our house (for older kids, obviously) is you try a bite of everything before you get seconds of anything.  I don't care if my kids eat 2 cups of pasta as long as they at least tried one bite of brocolli or whatever. 

    And at that age, throwing food on the ground meant dinner was kids didn't starve.  I'd put the food away, clean them up and put them down...I wouldn't get mad or anything..just "ok, you must be done eating then."  Also at that age, I woudl put a few bites on teh tray at a time, vs teh whole portion I wanted them to eat.....that way there was less to throw if we did get to that....If I was really concerned because they didn't eat much in one day, i'd make sure they got extra milk at bedtime..but for the most part the days would balance out....they'd have a week of pigging out where I couldn't feed them enough and then a week they'd eat like a bird.


  • Thanks, DandR!  I remembered something (and Bryn, you probably already know this):  most toddlers like to eat/want to eat 6 (small) meals/day as opposed to our typical three. 

  • I just found this on the 12-24 month board.  You will have to weed through some crap, but there are some good responses in here.

    (I'm REALLY curious about the one raising her kid vegetarian, yet she & her DH eat meat...)  

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