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yikes, lady kidnapped from texaco station



my mom lives about 2 blocks from the texaco station at the entrance to her neighborhood on n. eldridge...

channel 2 is reporting that a woman was kidnapped, forced to drive for 30 minutes to a field, beaten and raped.  she finally escaped to someone's house and was able to call the police.

SUPER SCARY... and i'm sure my mom is totally freaked out because she lives so nearby to a place where some crazy rapist was hanging out.


my point, though...

my mom writes me this e-mail, saying to be sure and always lock doors, look in your backseat for people who might be hiding there, etc. 

these are definitely good precautions-- but if you are ever in this situation, even if you are being held at gunpoint, WRECK YOUR CAR.  drive like a maniac so that cops will pull you over.  draw giant attention to yourself!  chances are the kidnapper isn't going to be wearing a seatbelt, and will be thrown about in the case of a collision.

floor it at a stop sign.  drive through someone's yard.  hit a tree.  for the love, just don't drive THAT FAR!!!!!!

i feel so terrible for her, hope she is not too badly injured. 

Re: yikes, lady kidnapped from texaco station

  • She is so right.

    My dad told me a couple of months ago, after that lady was snatched from the ATM in Pearland, that if I got accosted and I thought they were going to kill me let them do it right there so at least my family would know what happened to me.  Talk about disturbing, but at least it's closure for them.

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  • That's so scary. You really just never know what will happen. Wow.

    And this freaks me out a little, since I'm driving up to Chicago by myself tomorrow. I'm definitely getting some pepper spray, and doing other precautions.

  • What's sad is that my first thought was, "Oh good, he didn't kill her."  Scary as heck, but I would be really glad to be alive.  And yes...all of those tips are good ones.  If they're going to kill you, better to be in a parking lot in front of others than in the woods where no one will find you. 

    So scary.

  • my grandma sent me that today too cause she lives in the area. if my gas light is on, i try my dardest to make it home or closer to home before stopping for gas, and even then if i make it home, i make DH go with me to fill up. I dont dare get gas by my work - i work in a bad area of town and about a month and a half ago, a guy was pulled from his car, shot, and then his car stolen - on a road/intersection i drive every day. 

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