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Trip report (very long!)

We spent two weeks in Europe and it was certainly a whirlwind trip. We hit Berlin, Munich, Venice, Positano and Rome. Everyone keeps asking us which city we liked best but it?s hard to choose since they are all so different. And the people were so friendly and super helpful, even when I botched their native tongue. Weather was FAB except for one rainy day in Berlin (on our bike tour no less) and one quick storm in Pompeii.


I really enjoyed Germany more than I thought I would and could totally see myself living there (if I could speak the language). PS ? Things not to do on vacation ? drop your expensive SLR camera on the ground the first day of your trip. Indifferent Thank goodness we found a Nikon repair shop in Munich that fixed it in two days!


First stop ? Berlin. Such a big city but very quiet. Everyone rides bikes and the public transportation system is FAB. Septa could learn a few lessons. Mr.D?s stepsister lives here (she teaches English to businesses). She was our own personal tour guide for the local flavor but we also took a bike tour around the city to see the major sights.

image Every city should have a biergarten!

image Brandenburg Gate

image  They left this bombed out church standing right in the center of Berlin.

Munich. Many similar qualities to Berlin but much, much older. We passed through a few days before Oktoberfest but went and saw the tents. We tried to sample local foods and I liked the food more than I thought I would. Their white sausage is amazing and their pretzels are so much better than here - more crisp, less salt, not as doughy. Beer Good beer sponges! We took another bike tour here.

image  Marienplatz

image Traditional white sausages in the Hofbrauhaus.

image  Beautiful all-white church.

image Meat!

Venice. We arrived super early (took an overnight train from Munich) so it was great to see the city before it came alive. We rented an apartment here which I really enjoyed because we were back out of the touristy area and really got a feel for how they live. The wine store next door was a nice little bonus. We took some 1L glass bottles over and it was only 2 Euros! Gelato? Fabulous. I also really loved the orchestras that play at night in St. Mark?s Square.


image  Rialto market.


image From the top of the bell tower in St. Mark's Square.


Positano. We had a craptacular time trying to get there (plane, bus, ferry, bus) but once we arrived it was sooo worth it. We splurged on a room that had a great view and it was worth every penny. I probably gained about 10lbs here between the great pasta, seafood, gelato, limoncello and wine. There aren?t too many sights in Positano so it was nice to sit back and relax.

image  View from our terrace.

image  Down on the beach.

image  Local fish - spigole.

image  The most delicious tiramisu!

image  Pompeii was very eeire.

image  In the brothel.

image  I loved these hanging outside of a tailor shop!

image  Priano grotto.


Rome. When we first arrived I didn?t really like it but it grew on me fast. We also rented an apartment here that was out of the tourist areas. I thought my FIL was going to die when he saw it was 5 stories up with no elevator! We spent 6! hours at the Vatican. We had a private tour that was supposed to be 3 hours but the guide and my inlaws kept talking. Don?t get me wrong, it was amazing, but still! Luckily he took us to a great local shop for a very late lunch. We had a great last dinner at a restaurant that was located in old catacombs down the Appian Way (the old Roman road). FANTASTIC. They used a lasagna recipe that they had from the oldest cookbook known ? I think it was from 1BC. Beef, fennel and cheese. To die for. I did not know that tomatoes came from America and that?s why there is no sauce.

image  Pantheon.


image  Inside the Vatican Museum.


image  The best lunch.

image  A basil liquor.  Tasty!


Overall a fantastic trip!


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#2  10.23.13 EDD

Re: Trip report (very long!)

  • Looks absolutely amazing, and I am wildly jealous! Welcome back :)
  • yay!  glad you had such a great trip.
  • looks awesome!  when u get your pics together be sure to post a link...i would love to see more :)
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  • Beautiful recap!  It looks like an amazing vacation and I too am wildly jealous. 
  • i love the food p*rn! 

    great review.

    wonderful pictures. wonderful!

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • YAY! Great review. Although I can't see the pics but I'll check it when I get home (right after I stalk your FB page!). I'm glad you had a good time!

    My little nuggets


  • Wow. Wow. Wow.

    What an amazing trip! I'm so jealous!

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  • Awesome!

    I've been anxiously awaiting your return to hear all about it.  I'm going to email you with more questions tonight.

    DD: 6-24-11

    EDD: 9-20-14

  • image rumdrinx:

    i love the food p*rn! 

    Rummy, I thought of you and all your descriptions when you do a review and I know I wouldn't remember half of what it was so I took a pic instead!  I'll have more when I upload to FB.


    #1  12.11.11
    #2  10.23.13 EDD
  • Beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing trip!


  • Wow, that looks like the trip of a lifetime! Great pics!
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  • Your pics are great.  I miss Venice!!  Such a lovely city.
  • Welcome home!  The pics are amazing and it sounds like a dream vacay.  So glad you enjoyed yourselves!
    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • Loved the recap!! I'll have to stalk your fb for more pics!

  • Great review.  Every pic looks like a postcard.  I must get to Venice.
  • image ccmom:
    Great review.  Every pic looks like a postcard.  I must get to Venice.

    Yes, you definitely should! That was by far my most favorite place in Italy. 

    My little nuggets


  • ::le sigh::

    It looks fabulous.

  • LOVE your photos! makes me have the travel bug!
  • Ooh!  One other thing I forgot to mention - in Germany, I love that they really take advantage of their outdoor seating - it's everywhere.  As the weather starts to get cooler, the bars/restaurants give you small throws and set up heat lamps!


    #1  12.11.11
    #2  10.23.13 EDD
  • Amazing!! My euro trip list keeps getting longer and longer.  I'm so glad you had a great time.  It looks beautiful, and you have great pictures.
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