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Best Credit Card for Int'l Travel?

Our credit card used to have a great rate for foreign currency transactions but it's gone up in the last year.  What is your rate and what is your credit card?

Re: Best Credit Card for Int'l Travel?

  • I mostly used my debit card b/c its 1%. The credit cards I currently own were all 3%.

    Capital one has the no hassle/no fees card so they do not charge a foriegn transaction fee at all but I didn't want to open a credit card just for the trip so I just dealt w/the fees my other cards charge.

  • Anything VISA, it's everywhere you want to be Big Smile
  • We use our AMEX for everything - which is pretty impressive since not alot of places accept them but we appreciate the purchase protection.

    I hear Capital One doesn't charge any foreign transaction fees though, and depending on how often you use it that can be a huge advantage.


  • We are huge fans of Capital One and what we are using currently while traveling in Europe. That was until our card was stolen in Marsielle. So far they have been great. The dispusted charges have already been credited back while they do an investigation. Unfortunately they can't send the cards internationally but that's understandable. Highly recommend Capital One.
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  • Another vote for Capital One.

    They are the only credit card with no foreign transaction fee. 

  • damn.  good to know.  too bad I can't get a capital one in a few days.

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  • If you have Schwab account, the Schwab invest first visa is very good -- no foreign transaction fees and 2% cash back.
  • Another vote for Capital One here!  I used this card exclusively in Australia and NZ last year and was not charged any foreign exchange fees.  DH had a Citi card which charged 3%, so we didn't use his card at all.
  • Late to this post, but another vote for Capital One. Once we decided to move to the Middle East, we needed a credit card that would not charge a conversion fee.

    My AMEX card charges a 2.75% conversion fee, so I don't use it here anymore. Capital One has been great and is the only card we are using here in Doha, and will use when we travel! 


    Dave & Jennifer 10.18.08
    My Doha Adventures
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