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P90X grads come in!

Hi P90X grads,

I just started Week 11 this morning, and am starting to think ahead to the end of the program.  So excited!  I had a question for you all about what you did after finishing P90X.  I know many of you did a Round 2 after a few weeks - - and I plan to do this too.  But just wondering -

How many weeks did you take off?  

What kinds of workouts did you do in those interim weeks? 

Did your workouts include any types of strengthening exercises that "help" you or continue to develop the moves in P90X?  Specifically, I'm wondering if I'm going to be dropping back to lower numbers of reps/intensity when I return to the program after a 4 week hiatus.  Or, should I try to avoid that - and be able to pick up where I left off, moving towards more reps and higher intensity. 


Thanks in advance for any advice on these issues! 

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Re: P90X grads come in!

  • So funny! I wanted to ask the same thing! I should be finishing early November, but have a marathon at the end of November (hopefully!). I plan to take a "break", and pick up maybe a week after my marathon. Just wondering if almost a month off will set me back a ton. I will do some strength training, but nothing as time intensive as P90x.?
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  • I only took 1 week off in between the 1st and 2nd round.  I wouldnt take off anymore than that.  That same week I just happened to be on a cruise and did absolutely no exercise.  My situation was a little diff though because i got sick on the cruise and passed out and stuff like that or else i would have done some form of exercise.  if i was home for that week off i would have ran about 3-4 days out of the week for 30 min each day.  Now I am on round 2 and ONLY do the lifting.  This is only because i did round 1 when i had my summer off (i am a teacher).  Now I work till 3, coach till 6, then grad school at night.  so i have no freaking time.  so this is my new schedule - run 3 days a week, and then lift the other 3 days.  one day of rest.  i like it much better this way.  i feel like p90x doesnt run my life anymore!  it just adds to my running and workout scheudle.
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