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I stopped my birth control a few weeks ago... now I am starting to break out. what do you do to your face to prevent/treat this? (looking for cheap EF options here)
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Re: acne

  • I've been using OCM and it has cleared up my skin.  I had terrible skin to begin with then the added pregnancy hormones made it a million times worse.  

    I use 25% Castor Oil 75% grapeseed oil and a slight dash of TTO.  In the morning, I wipe down my face with an ACV/water mix.  It took about 2 weeks but now my skin looks awesome!

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  • I stopped taking birth control about 6 months ago, and I've been doing OCM (here's the site if you haven't seen it yet: for almost two weeks now.  I use 25% castor oil and 75% safflower oil.  I also use a spot treatment of about 50% tea tree oil and 50% safflower oil as needed. 

    My acne is far from being cleared up entirely, but it's slightly better than what Proactiv was doing for me, so that's an improvement!  Overall, my skin looks less irritated...I'm very happy with the results!

  • Nothing has helped my skin at all.  I went off of birth control back in May.  My skin was clear before birth control and while on birth control.  When I first went off the pill I has horrible cystic acne which I had never had before.  There is less cystic acne now and more regular pimples I guess you would say.  I am seeing a naturopath to help treat this.  She currently has me on a ton of herbal supplements from milk thistle to evening primrose to a progesterone cream and everything in between.  Good luck finding something that works!!!

  • I am currently on the pill, but my forehead breaks out a lot.  I think its from sweating so much when I work out.

    OCM has worked very well for me.  I'm on my second week and my forehead is clearing up.  My skin also feels very soft and is less oily throughout the day.


  • thanks, ladies!  that is helpful. stupid hormones ;)
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  • I was with raw honey, use a toner of apple cider vinegar/water and treat with TTO.  Love it!
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  • image Dobie_Mama:
    I was with raw honey, use a toner of apple cider vinegar/water and treat with TTO.  Love it!


    So... how exactly do you use these things?  And what is TTO?

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  • TTO = tea tree oil. It's an antiseptic.

    I'm also doing the oil cleansing and liking it, but my skin wasn't bad before. Mostly, it's got rid of the blackheads and evened out my combination skin.

  • thanks!

    I read the website, i am intrigued. It says not to use the castor oil combo too frequently. How often do you girls wash with the oil combo and what do you use on other days?

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  • there was a post a while back regarding acne or facial products, etc and someone posted about this

    You can get free samples, up to 5, for cost of shipping. I got the acne bar, gel, toner, some moisturizer and a body soap. so far I love them all!!! I just ordered the full size acne bar since my sample is running out.  I really like it and think it is working. I went of BCP's a year ago and I am just now getting cystic pimples on my chin, like every few days, one will go away and new one will come near by. the soap is really helping!!! plus a lot of the ingredients are oil, so I figured it's kind of like OCM, but a lot easier! I tried OCM and just wasn't liking it.

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  • TTO = Tea Tree Oil.  It's an anti-bacterial essential oil.

    The raw honey I just keep in the shower, scoop out a bit, and rub all over my face like soap.  Then rinse.  I keep a bottle of 3/4 apple cider vinegar & 1/4 water next to the sink.  Dab on a cloth and use just like toner.  Then apply the TTO directly to zits or problem areas before bed.  My skin has honestly never been better.  Even when I was using ProActiv.

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  • I've just been doing the oil every night except when I've been swimming (it seems like overkill to wash my face after spending half an hour in the pool).

    So far, no problems.

    It was <$3 for the castor oil and I had the rest, so it seemed like a worthy experiment.

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