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Where are all the Biggest Loser posts?

I'll start one, obviously Tracy is mucking everything up. I saw the preview from next week, doesn't look too good for her. She just had to win the first challenge, sent herself to the hospital for the week and keeps going way too far on everything!

It's so hard for me to watch Shea and the woman who lost her husband and kids without bawling! I started to cry when Shea was saying how she really needed to stay.  Sean & Antoine sort of redeemed all the humanity after Tracy's antics.

And Antoine and Alexandra are really cute together. It is kind of lame that Sean wants to name his daughter Jillian. She's going to come out kicking!

Re: Where are all the Biggest Loser posts?

  • I still love BL :o) Tracy is crazy!!! How did she lose 11 pounds anyway? That girl must be swimming & walking all the time and we're just not seeing it. 

    I think this is going to be  a very emotional season with Shea and Abby.


  • Tracy is crazy.  I feel bad for Coach Mo being stuck with her crazy @ss.  She's the new Vicky (remember her?)  Only Vicky was a crazy b!tch and Tracy is just crazy. 


  • Tracy does not compare to Vicky. Vicky was sneaky and vindictive - Tracy is more vocal about her desire to "play the game".
  • Tracey is crazy.  But I didn't really understand the whole point of choosing one person to weigh in.  I thought it was kind of pointless; was she really trying to get rid of one person from every team?  I would think you would want to get rid of the people who are losing the most weight, and on a few teams she picked the weaker one. 

    I do feel bad for Mo, but Jillian was right, he should have gotten mad about Tracey instead of supporting her stupid decisions.

    I really like Shay, but if all we're going to hear on every episode is how "she needs to be here" and she can't go home, it's going to get old.  Daniel got lucky last night.  He is riding her coattails, because he HAS been successful at home. I think because he is still big, people forget that.
    People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.
  • i wish tracy would just go away. 
    Baby Charchie born 12/22/2011
  • I guess I agree about Tracy....except that it is a game with $250,000 on the line and she's doing what she thinks she needs to. No one would feel this way about her if she was on Survivor or something.

    I do feel terrible for Coach Mo. I am glad they did well this week (I think it's because she was in the hospital for the first week so she had some catching up to do and is matching the big numbers other people saw last week) because everyone would have absolutely voted her off and that would have been unfair to Coach Mo. I am really pulling for him.

  • Tracy is seriously deranged! I kind of hope she sticks around for a while just so we can watch the crazy!


  • imageAjknightfan:

    I guess I agree about Tracy....except that it is a game with $250,000 on the line and she's doing what she thinks she needs to. No one would feel this way about her if she was on Survivor or something.

    The only difference though (to me at least) is that their health and well being should be the priority - really the money shouldn't mean anything to these people.  For adding years onto their life by getting healthy - that is way more valuable then $250,000.

  • I have never posted here before, I post some on the Getting in Shape board, but I LOVE the Biggest Loser! To me, it is such an inspiration! Like, if they can do it, so can I. However, now that you mention having to listen to Shay talk about how she can't go home and blah blah blah.... This is going to sound totally insensitive, but I feel the same way about Abby... I know she lost her family and on the first episode I was sobbing listening to her story, but now, at every weigh-in or at any difficult situation, she talks about how she can do this because it's not hard for her. If it's not hard, why is she there? Am I wrong? I feel like a total b!tch saying this, but seriously!! I am at the point where I can't stand listening to her talk... What does everyone think about this? Oh and Tracy is awful and I hope she is gone next week! Love Coach Mo though!
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